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How Semiconductor Companies Can Win in China’s New Landscape  (McKinsey, Mar 2017)

Webinar PDF & Video: China's Roadmap to Become a World Leader for Key Enabling Technologies (Jan 27, 2017)

SMIC: Presentation (SMIC; Nov 2016)

SEMI: M&A in the Semiconductor Industry: Could China Cause Continued Consolidation? (ASMC; May 2016) 

SEMI: Lu - Overview of China Semiconductor Industry (SEMICON China; Mar 2015)

SEMI: Tracy - SEMI Equipment and Materials Outlook (SEMICON China; Mar 2015)

IBS: Jones - How Chinese Companies Become Leaders in Semiconductors (SEMICON China; Mar 2015)

孙东升: 投资创新与创新投 (SEMICON China; Mar 2015)

王晓波: 建设投融资平台促进集成电路产业发展 (SEMICON China; Mar 2015)

Zhang zhong: 半导体-电子工业的支柱 (SEMICON China; Mar 2015)

Tokyo Electron: Takashi Hayakawa - Equipment and Process Technologies for 3D Structural Devices (SEMICON China; Mar 2015)

北京七星华创电子: 张国铭 - 新机遇 ,新挑战,新格局 - 加快半导体设备的本地化制造 (SEMICON China; Mar 2015)

PWCA Decade of Unprecedented growth: China’s Impact on the Semiconductor Industry(Aug 2014)

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China Is Missing Out on the Chips Rush (Bloomberg, June 26, 2017)

chip imageMnuchin Seeks Greater Scrutiny of Chinese Investments in U.S. (Bloomberg, June 14, 2017)

ElectroFactory Iconnics Production Growing (Electronics Weekly, June 26, 2017)

chip imageU.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (U.S.; June 2, 2017)

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