SEMI members are responsible for the dramatic cost reductions and performance improvements in semiconductors that have profoundly shaped and improved our lives.  They are the architects of the electronics revolution, responsible for the manufacturing innovations that enable smarter, faster, more powerful, and more affordable electronics products. 

Serving Members for Over 30 Years

SEMI serves the Semiconductor Industry by providing products, services and events that help our members grow, become more profitable, and address common challenges more efficiently and effectively.  Important SEMI services include:

Industry Standards
The SEMI International Standards Program brings together industry stakeholders to exchange ideas and work towards developing globally accepted technical standards that reduce costs and spur innovation.

Industry Research and Statistics
SEMI provides timely market and trend information for market research, competitive analysis, sales forecasting, and industry planning.

Industry Advocacy
SEMI represents the interests of our membership and is an advocate for the industry in the areas of public policy, EHS, workforce development, intellectual property, and other areas. We engage with important influencers on a global basis to shape a positive future for our members and the world.

Industry Events
SEMI produces the industry’s leading expositions, business conferences, technical programs, and other events to advance the industry, meet member needs, and support industry growth.  SEMICON expositions, held in all major semiconductor regions, are the premier exposition for bringing buyers, sellers and important industry stakeholders together.


SEMI Semiconductor Committees and Special Interest Groups

SEMI supports many regional and special interest groups to facilitate pre-competitive collaboration and advance industry-wide benefits.  SEMI Regional Advisory Boards help guide SEMI services and programs in all major manufacturing regions of the world.  The following Special Interest Groups provide industry and subject mater specialization to help support SEMI members:

Collaborative Alliance of Semiconductor Test (CAST)
CAST serves SEMI members and other stakeholders in the semiconductor test area.

Chemical and Gases Manufacturers Group

This group helps coordinate SEMI services and programs for the semiconductor materials industry in North America and around world.

Semiconductor Components, Instruments & Subsystems (SCIS) 
The Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems (SCIS) Special Interest Group represents companies that produce, package and/or distribute components, instruments, or subsystems used in semiconductor or related industries.

Secondary Equipment & Applications
SEMI believes it important to support the secondary market to allow greater industry efficiency while protecting buyers and sellers. The SEMI Secondary Equipment and Applications special interest group (SEA) works to ensure global best practices and shared guidelines.

Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG)
SMG coordinates data gathering and other services for the silicon wafer manufacturers.

Global Equipment Suppliers Group
(GESG) addresses critical technology and business issues, aims to maintain a forum for equipment suppliers to develop an organized global voice to influence technology the industry.

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