SEMI Public Policy

SEMI Industry Advocacy and Global Public Policy

SEMI represents the collective interests of our membership and advocates for the industry on many public policy issues-- ranging from export control to tax policy to environmental issues. SEMI maintains a full-time public policy staff in Washington, D.C. and our offices around the world work with their governments on behalf of the industry. SEMI works with many international and professional trade organizations to inform, educate and advocate responsible policies on a variety of industry issues.

Critical Issues

  • Innovation and Competitiveness: SEMI advocates for government support of basic research, math and science education, and tax policies that encourage R&D.  SEMI is actively involved in Europe and the United States on legislative issues in this area and works with other organizations throughout the world to help facilitate a supportive environment for technology innovation.  SEMI is  engaged in educating industry stakeholders around the world on the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) protection to encourage and sustain innovation.

  • Workforce Development: The SEMI Foundation has reached over 30,000 students in the U.S., Europe and Asia with it's innovative Workforce Development Program SEMI "High Tech U".  For additional information, click here.

  • Global Trade and Export Control: SEMI is directly involved in international trade policies and has helped eliminate tariffs for most equipment and materials used to manufacture high technology products.  SEMI works with both the U.S. and Chinese governments to support reasonable export controls for equipment and materials.

  • Intellectual Property: SEMI advocates strong Intellectual Property (IP) protection to encourage and support innovation in high technology.  SEMI conducts IP research, educates on IP practices, and advocates appropriate IP enforcement in the countries where our members operate. For more information on IP, please click here.

  • Solar Energy: SEMI strongly supports government programs, education efforts and voluntary industry agreements to advance solar power throughout the world. For more information on solar/PV, please click here.

  • Environmental Health and Safety: SEMI advocates for reasonable Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) regulation and global regulatory harmonization to sustain the growth of high technology industries, while protecting workers and the environment throughout the world.  SEMI maintains a variety of programs and services to support Best Practices in EHS among our members in China, Europe, Japan, North America, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. For more information on EHS, please click here.

Regional Public Policy Activity

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