New Patented Recycling Systems for Slurry and Ultrapure Water for the Semiconductor Market

New Patented Recycling Systems for Slurry and Ultrapure Water for the Semiconductor Market

Tuesday, Apr 17, 2018

As first company worldwide the HighQ-Factory GmbH, a company of the Faeth Group, launched a new patented recycling system for the semiconductor market. The recycling system helps for example optimizing CMP processes as well as dicing & grinding processes. 

In the system, the incoming waste water, which contains a mixture of ultrapure water, slurry and other chemical materials, passes through several complex filtration and ultra-filtration steps. As a result, the mixture is separated back into its original raw materials and can be re-used in the production process. The patented, self-cleaning backflush process of the ultrafiltration modules leads to an effectively longer life cycle of the high cost filter elements. Subsequently, the ultra-filters are generally replaced after a period of more than a year, further increasing the system‘s cost efficiency. The result is, for the first time it is now possible to separate wastewater into its principal components – efficiently and profitably.

Besides the environmental aspect there are numerous advantages for this recycling technology: 

  • Cost savings up to 85 % by reusing slurry´s raw materials and ultrapure water.
  • CMP process safety is often significantly improved as possible microscratches can be reduces to up to 35 %.
  • The demand for new raw materials is significantly reduced up to 85 %, only 15 % of new raw material must be added.
  • Health and environmental protection by filtering out of harmful nano particles and by reducing the consumption of non-renewable raw materials.

Recyclable materials are:

  • Ultrapure water
  • Oxyde slurry
  • Tungsten slurry
  • Ceria slurry
  • Copper slurry
  • Lithium tantalate
  • Chemical solids
  • Rare earth

HighQ-Factory GmbH provides forward-looking and environmentally friendly process solutions for the semiconductor industry. The company mainly focuses on the recycling of ultrapure water and chemical resources through an automated ultrafiltration process. HighQ-Factory is part of the Faeth Group of companies. As a family-run business operating globally, the Faeth Group of companies is a worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing, installation, qualification and analysis of gas and chemical delivery systems. Combined with the ability to produce individual, customer-specific solutions the company has earned a strong reputation in the semiconductor, photovoltaic and LED industries. Founded in 2004, the Faeth Group has 350 employees. 

The HighQ-Factory GmbH ist looking for interested distribution partners in Korea, China, Japan and the United Stated. In case of interest please contact:  

HighQ-Factory GmbH

Franz Brummer

Vice president technology


Phone: +49 151 27527045