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======== 2017 ========

Samsung Electronics to Develop Its Own New Packaging Process (; Dec. 29, 2017)

Logic IC packager Greatek to see record revenues in 2017, rosy 2018 (DIGITIMES; Dec 19, 2017)

Chipmakers Look To New Materials (Semiconductor Engineering; Dec 18, 2017)

IC substrates distributor Niching upbeat about 2018 performance (DIGITIMES; Dec 15, 2017)

Fan-Outs Vs. TSVs (Semiconductor Engineering; Dec 13, 2017)

Advanced Packaging Is Suddenly Very Cool (Semiconductor Engineering; Dec 11, 2017)

Shortages Hit Packaging Biz (Semiconductor Engineering; Dec 11, 2017)

A Tribute to Gilles Poupon, CEA-Leti’s Advanced Packaging Pope (3DInCites; Nov 30, 2017)

ASE to Enlarge High-End Packaging Plant in Kaohsiung (China Times; Nov 28, 2017)

Five Trends in IC Packaging (SemiEngineering; Nov 17, 2017)

IBM: Copper Interconnects Here to Stay (EE Times; Nov 15, 2017)

Industry Conference in Southeast Asia (Solid State Technology; Nov 15, 2017)

Samsung Shows EUV Design at ISSCC: Advances shown across memories, processors, sensors (EE Times; Nov 13, 2017)

What's Missing in Packaging? (SemiEngineering; Nov 13, 2017)

Litho Options For Panel Fan-Out (SemiEngineering; Nov 6, 2017)

Challenges And Improvement Of Reliability In Advanced Wafer Level Packaging Technology (SemiEngineering; Nov 6, 2017)

The Memory Packaging Market Shows Steady Growth (3DIncites; Nov 3, 2017)

MEMS Packaging Market is Growing Faster Than The MEMS Devices Market (3DIncites; Nov 2, 2017)

Panel Level Packaging: The Next Sleeping Giant? And Other Thoughts From IWLPC 2017 (3DInCites; Oct 27, 2017)

SEMICON Taiwan Part 2: Laser Processing  (Solid State Technology; Oct 23, 2017)

SEMI WEBINAR (Oct 25): Heterogeneous Integration Driving New Applications: Spotlight on 3D Integration, Packaging and Automotive

China IC Industry Outlook (SEMI/SST; Oct 17, 2017)

SEMICON Taiwan Part 1: Fan-out Packaging Players, Applications and Market Growth (Solid State Technolgy; Oct 2017)

Wafer Shipments Forecast to Increase in 2017, 2018 and 2019 (SEMI; Oct 16, 2017)

The Chiplet Option (SemiEngin; Oct 9, 2017)

Integrated Passives Market Gets Active (SemiEngin; Oct 9, 2017)

Advanced Packaging’s Progress (SemiEngin; Oct  9, 2017)

New 3D packaging & integration committee (SST; Oct 2, 2017)

Robotics and chip industries in Japan (SST; Oct 2, 2017)

Laser marking meets diverse challenges in fab and packaging (SST; Sept 22, 2017)

Implementing Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging (FOWLP) with an HDAP Flow (3DInCites; Sept 21, 2017)

Fan-out Packaging Confirms its Success Story (3DInCites; Sept 14, 2017)

NextFlex WEBINAR (Oct 25): FLEXINAR: Optimizing Proven Best Practices from Semiconductor and Electronics Packaging for FHE

More than 45,000 Expected at SEMICON Taiwan 2017 ─ Opens Tomorrow (Sept 12, 2017)

Fab Equipment Spending Breaking Industry Records (SEMI; Sept 12, 2017)

Inside Panel-Level Fan-Out Technology (SemiEngin; Sept 11, 2017)

Advanced Packaging For Automotive Dashboard Application (SemiEngin; Sept 11, 2017)

Executive Insight: Lip-Bu Tan (SemiEngin; Sept 6, 2017)

SMTA LA/OC and San Diego Chapters to Hold Facility Tour (IConnect 007; Sept 5, 2017)

Three Trends Expected to Influence Semiconductor Advanced Packaging (Ceramics; Aug 31, 2017)

ASE Tech Forum at Nijmegen Part 1: Advanced Packaging 2017 (SemiMD; Aug 22, 2017)

The 200mm Equipment Scramble (SemiEngin; Aug 24, 2017)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts July 2017 Billings (SEMI; Aug 22, 2017)

Solving the Design and Verification Challenges of High Density Advanced Packaging (3DInCites; Aug 14, 2017)

Take-Aways from Test Vision 20/20 Workshop and SEMICON West Advanced Packaging Sessions (Aug 4, 2017)

Cheaper Fan-Outs Ahead (SemiEngin; Aug 7, 2017)

Packaging Enters New Phase (SemiEngin; Aug 7, 2017)

Advanced Packaging Moves To Cars (SemiEngin; Aug 7, 2017)

Kuala Lumpur Debut for SEMICON Southeast Asia in 2018 (Aug 1, 2017)

The Brighter Side of SEMICON West 2017 (3DInCites; July 27, 2017)

SEMICON West 2017: The Semiconductor Industry at a Young 50(3DInCites; July 26, 2017)

AMD’s CTO on 7nm, Chip Stacks (EE Times; July 24, 2017)

Heterogeneous Integration Versus Dimensional Scaling; One Year In (Part 2) (3DInCites; July 24, 2017)

Heterogeneous Integration Versus Dimensional Scaling: One Year In (Part 1) (3DInCites; July 19, 2017)

Re-Using IP In Packaging (SemiEngin; July 10)

Advanced Packaging Picks Up Steam (SemiEngin; July 10)

28nm Chip-Package Interactions In Large EWLB FO-WLP (SemiEngin; July 10)

Challenges For Future Fan-Outs  (SemiEngin; July 7)

Warpage Issues in Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (3DInCites; June 26, 2017)

Tech Session Highlights from ECTC 2017 (3DInCites; June 26, 2017)

Forging a Bright Future for IC and Package Quality (EE Times, June 19, 2017)

Shrink Or Package? (SemiEngin, June 19, 2017)

IFTLE 339 Will 450mm Equipment Keep Si the Fine Feature WLCSP Solution? (SST SMD Community, June 14, 2017)

Packaging can Extend Physical Limits of Semiconductors, Says TSMC Chair (Digitimes, June 12, 2017)

SEMICON West Preview: Equipment Components and Subsystems (SST, June 8, 2017)

Artificial Intelligence: A New Era of the Advanced Packaging Industry (SST, June 8, 2017)

Tools for Advanced Packaging Design Follow Moore's Law, Too! (SemiWiki, June 5, 2017)

What’s Next In Scaling, Stacking (SemiEngin; June 5, 2017)

Tech Talk: System In Package (SemiEngin; June 5, 2017)

Security Issues Up With Heterogeneity (SemiEngin; June 5, 2017)

Board Level Reliability Improvement In EWLB (SemiEngin; June 5, 2017)

SEMICON West: Advanced Packaging - The Package is the System is the Product (SEMI)

SEMICON West: Advanced Packaging Technologies Enabling Advanced Applications (SEMI)

The role of inspection and metrology in the future of advanced packaging (LinkedIn; May 30, 2017)

Foundry Wars, Take Two (SemiEngin; May 25, 2017)

Status of Advanced Packaging - 2017 Report (Yole Developpement, May 24, 2017)

SEMICON West Preview: MEMS (SST, May 2017)

Samsung Unveils Scaling, Packaging Roadmaps (SemiEngin; May 24, 2017)

China Outpaces Taiwan in IC Design, Backend Industry Output Value (Digitimes; May 23, 2017)

4 Views of the Silicon Roadmap (EETimes; May 19, 2017)

Are Glass Substrates the Next Option for Fan-out Packaging? (3DInCites; May 16, 2017)

2.5D, Fan-Out Inspection Issues Grow (SemiEngin; May 10, 2017)

The Evolution Of EUV (SemiEngin; Apr. 20, 2017)

IMAPS DPC Part 3: K&S Describes InFO Process Flow (SST; Apr 18, 2017)

IMAPS DPC Part 2: “80% of Value-add Growth from Wafer Based Packaging” (SST; Apr 11, 2017)

2.5D, FO-WLP Issues Come Into Focus (SemiEngin; Apr 10, 2017)

Electroplating IC Packages (SemiEngin; Apr 10, 2017)

Technology and Economic Considerations for Panel-Level Fan-Out Packaging (Lam Research; April 3, 2017)

IMAPS DPC Part 1: New MIL Qualified Player in FOWLP (SST; Mar 28, 2017)

Video: SemiEngin Biz Talk: ASICS -- eSilicon’s CEO on future of scaling, advanced packaging, and next big opportunities (SemiEngin; Mar 27, 2017)

Cost Comparison of Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging and Flip Chip Packaging (Resource Library, 3DInCites; Mar 27, 2017)

European SEMI Award Honors Advanced Packaging Technologists (SEMI; Mar 23, 2017)

Dev Gupta Disrupts the Fan-out Panel at IMAPS DPC, You Won’t Believe What Else Happened! (3DInCites; Mar 13, 2017)

EV Group Breaks Speed and Accuracy Barrier in Mask Alignment Lithography for Semiconductor Advanced Packaging (3DIncites; Mar 8, 2017)

The FAST route to the Top of the TSV Mountain (3DIncites; Mar 8, 2017)

2.5D Adds Test Challenges (SemiEngin; Mar 6, 2017)

Advanced substrates: A key enabler of future advanced packaging solutions (SST; Mar 3, 2017)

Using 3D Integration to Get the Heat Out (3DIncites; Feb 15, 2017)

Highlights from the 2017 European 3D Summit (3DIncites; Feb 14, 2017)

Panel Level Packaging: One Size Fits All? (3DIncites; Feb 16, 2017)

Process Control Gains Importance in Advanced Packaging Applications (3DIncites; Feb 13, 2017)

The Edge of 3D: 3D SoC VLSI and Si Photonics (3DIncites; Feb 8, 2017)

More Degrees Of Freedom (SemiEngin; Feb 6, 2017)

2017 European 3D Summit: Making Advanced Packaging Great Again (Jan 30, 2017)

What the Heterogeneous Integration Technology Roadmap Will Mean for 2017 (3DInCites; Jan 11, 2017)

The Power And Limits Of Money  (SemiEngin; Jan 11, 2017)

SEMI ISS 2017 Uncovers New Growth, Forecast Upgrades (SemiEngin; Jan 11, 2017)

Chip firms walking away from landmark SUNY Poly program (Times Union; Jan 10, 2017)

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======== 2016 ========

What’s Missing In Advanced Packaging (SemiEngin; Dec 22, 2016)

62 new facilities start operation 2017 and beyond (SST; Dec 19, 2016)

Fan-out: the most dynamic IP landscape in advanced packaging (Yole; Nov 2016)

SEMICON Taiwan Part 5: Packaging at TSMC (SST; Nov 23, 2016)

Advanced Packaging Requires Better Yield (SemiEngin; Nov 17, 2016)

ASE-SPIL joint holding company approved by regulator (China Post; Nov 17, 2017)

MEPTEC Roadmap 2016: Best Time in History to be in the Packaging Business (3DInCites; Nov 21, 2016)

Lower Power Plus Better Performance (SemiEngin; Oct 13, 2016)

The future of electronics at SEMICON Europa 2016 (SST; Oct 13, 2016)

Balancing Performance And Energy Consumption For IoT Applications ProcessorsBalancing Performance And Energy Consumption For IoT Applications Processors (SemiEngin; Oct 13, 2016)

SMIC Shanghai starts construction of a new 12-inch wafer fab (SST; Oct 13, 2016)

Phil Garrou Blog on Micross, Teledyne, SEMICON Taiwan part 1: Market Trends (SST; Oct 12, 2016)

3D TSV is for the development of heterogeneous interconnection, high end memory and performance applications (SST; Oct 6, 2016)

Flip Chips and Solder Bump Technology Gaining Popularity (EPS News; Oct 3, 2016)

TSMC staffing R&D for the 3nm process (EE Times; Oct 3, 2016)

Top 5 takeaways from SEMI Strategic Materials Conference (SEMI; Sept 27, 2016)

Packaging Wars Begin (SemiEngin; Sept 26, 2016)

SEMI European 3D Summit 2017: Creating high-density systems (SST; Sept 2016)

Sorting Out Next-Gen Memory (SemiEngin; Sept 22, 2016)

TSMC Expands its 3D Menu (EE Times; Sept 22, 2016)

Stacked Die Changes (SemiEngin; Sept 21, 2016)

Fab Equipment Spending Ascending (SST; Sept 8, 2016)

What is Your China Strategy? (SemiMD; Sept 7, 2016)

How Small Will Transistors Go? (SemiEngineering; Aug 18, 2016)

China’s Capital Equipment Market To Boom (SemiEngineering; Aug 18, 2016)

Mask Maker Worries Grow (SemiEngineering; Aug 18, 2016)

What Transistors Will Look Like At 5nm (SemiEngineering; Aug 18, 2016)

Mid-Year Industry Update: In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion? It Depends (SEMI; Aug 16, 2016)

Advanced Packaging: Hot Topic at SEMICON Taiwan (SEMI; Aug 16, 2016)

Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging: Breakthrough advantages and surmountable challenges (SST; Aug 16, 2016)

Intel Grabs ARM for 10nm Foundry (EE Times; Aug 16, 2016)

FO-WLP Packs Eye Panel Process (EE Times; Aug 15, 2016)

As Japan seizes lead in growing semiconductor segments, industry leaders exhibit at SEMICON Japan (SST;  Aug 11, 2016)

Next-Gen IoT Consortium Launches (EE Times; Aug 5, 2016)

TSMC Describes UBM Free Fan-In WLCSP (SST; Aug 4, 2016)

Stacked Die Changes (SemiEngineering; July 28, 2016)

SJSemi and Qualcomm Jointly Announce Mass Production of 14nm Wafer Bumping Technology (Yahoo News; July 28, 2016)

China’s final chance to achieve its IC industry ambitions now underway (SST; July 27, 2016)

China the “Wild Card”; HBM Close Up; Comparing High Density Packaging Technologies (SST; July 26, 2016)

Silicon Wafer Shipments Set New Record in Q2 (SEMI; July 26, 2016)

Packaging Advances Needed to Ensure IoT growth (EDN; July 26, 2016)

SEMICON West 2016: Update from the Semiconductor Suppliers(3DInCites; July 22, 2016)

The New Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap: Seeing Beyond the Lamp Post (3DInCites; July 21, 2016)

5 Takeaways from SEMICON West (SemiEngin; July 21, 2016)

Stacking Logic on Logic (SemiEngin; July 21, 2016)

To 7nm and Beyond (SemiEngin; July 21, 2016)

Registration open with new exhibition features at SEMICON Europa (SST; July 20, 2016)

Executive Insight: Aart De Geus (SemiEngin; July 20, 2016)

Heterogeneous Integration enabled by Advanced Packaging Leads the Way at SEMICON West 2016 (3DInCites; July 15, 2016)

Amkor Technology receives “Device of the Year” for SWIFT semiconductor package (SST; July 14, 2016)

Leti Unveils New 3D Network-on-Chip (EE Times; July 14, 2016)

EV Group Rolls Out Automated Metrology System for Advanced Packaging, MEMS and Photonics Manufacturing (3DInCites; July 14, 2016)

Convergence on the “Big Five”: Focus on Laminate-based Advanced SiP (3DInCites; June 30, 2016)

Executive Viewpoint: The New Advanced Packaging Landscape(3DInCites; June 30, 2016)

Advanced Packaging Options, Issues (SemiEngineering; June 23, 2016)

What is Driving the Advanced Packaging Market in China?(3DInCites; June 17, 2016)

Samsung Electronics to Focus on NAND Flash (BusinessKorea; June 21, 2016) 

Photonics Moves Closer to Chip  (SemiEngin; June 20, 2016) 

What is driving the advanced packaging market in China? (SST; June 16, 2016) 

Convergence on the Big Five: Focus on MEMS Packaging(3DInCities; June 2, 2016) 

IFTLE 289 ASE / SPIL: A Non-Hostile Resolution; IMAPS Polymers Conf Part 2 (SST; June 1, 2016) 

17 Views From Imec Tech Forum (EE Times; May 27,2016) 

IFTLE 288 Consolidation on the Conference Circuit: 2016 IMAPS Polymer Conf (SST; May 26, 2016) 

Taiwan's top two chip test firms ASE, SPIL plan new holding company (Reuters; May 26, 2016)

Ultra-Dense 3-D Packaging for IoT (EETimes; May 25, 2016)

SEMICON West 2016 Expands Technical Programming by Nearly 50% (SEMI; May 25, 2016) 

IFTLE 287 SMIC Ups the Ante on Packaging; IMAPS DPC 2016 part 4; SiP, Sputtered Cu Shielding and Si TF Caps (SST; May 19, 2016) 

The Evolving Thermal Landscape (SemiEngin; May 16, 2016) 

2D Becomes a Reality  (SemiEngin; May 11, 2016)

SEMICON West expands to take on the Extended Supply Chain Forum (SST; May 10, 2016)

ePaper Makes Inroads into Smart Packaging  (EE Times; May 6, 2016) 

Why This Roadmap Matters  (SemiEngin; May 5, 2016) 

Melissa Grupen-Shemansky appointed SEMI's CTO for flexible electronics and advanced packaging  (SST; May 4, 2016)

SEMICON West 2016 delivers new programs; Free registration ends May 6 (SST; May 3, 2016)

Silicon Nanoparticles Could Be a Boon for Fiber Optic Telecommunications (IEEE Spectrum; May 6, 2016) 

From catching up to forging ahead: China's new role in the semiconductor industy (SST; May 2, 2016)

Market for analog ICs/MEMS/sensors and supply chain opportunities (SST; April 29, 2016)

Where is Next-Gen Lithography? (SemiEngin; Apr 12, 2016)

SEMICON Southeast Asia Coming Soon to Penang (SEMI; April 12, 2016)

LED Taiwan Opens in Taipei ─ Enabling Innovation and Opportunity (SEMI; April 12, 2016)

Winbond Stacks NOR, NAND Flash (EE Times; Apr 11, 2016)

Using Chip Technology To Detect And Prevent Diseases (SemiEngin; Apr 11, 2016)

Semiconductor market in Vietnam up by 14.3% by 2019 (SST; Apr 10, 2016)

Flip chip technology market worth $31.27B by 2022 (SST; April 9, 2016)

Packaging Materials Market Trends, Issues and Opportunities Part 3: Packaging Materials: Strong Growth Rates for Small Form Factors (SEMI; April 5, 2016)

Packaging Materials: Strong Growth Rates for Small Form Factors (SEMI; April 5, 2016)

Status of the Advanced Packaging Industry (Mar 29, 2016)

Bridging Design Environments for Advanced Multi-Die Package Verification (SemiWiki; Mar 28, 2016)

IFTLE 277 SEMI ISS 2016 Part 2: Scaling Under Pressure; Tsinghua Bets on Packaging (SST, Mar 2016)

IFTLE 276 SEMI ISS 2016: Part 1: The Focus Shifts to Packaging (SST, Mar 2016)

Miniaturization Trends Drive Growth in SiP Market (3DInCites; Mar 9, 2016)

China: Strong Market Growth and Innovation in Packaging (SEMI, Mar 8, 2016)

China Semiconductor Packaging Market Outlook (SEMI, Feb 27, 2016)

Inside Advanced Packaging  (SemiEngin; Feb 18, 2016) 

Packaging Materials Market Trends, Issues and Opportunities Part 2: Material Supply Base Obervations (SEMI, Feb 2016)

Packaging Materials Market Trends, Issues and Opportunities Part 2: Material Supply Base Obervations (SEMI, Feb 2016)

Systems packaging: the future for the semiconductor industry (LinkedIn; Feb 2016)

Samsung, Apple Top Chip Buyers Again (EE Times; Jan 2016)

Packaging Material Supplier Landscape Shifting ─ Reshaping Both Technology and Market Trends (SEMI; January 12, 2016)

Why Opt For Chip Stack, FD-SOI in Image Sensors? (EE Times; Jan  2016)

SEMICON Korea opening: Memory and mobility drive IC manufacturing(SST; Jan 2016)

China semiconductor acquisitions surge; SEMICON China brings the new market into focus (SST; Jan 2016)

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======== 2015 ========

Fab Tool Biz Looks Cloudy (SemiEngin; Dec 2015)

Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Drives Materials Consumption through 2019 (SEMI; Dec 2015)

Why Test is Changing (SemiEngin; Dec 2015)

Fan-Out Packaging Gains Steam (Nov 2015)

Why Packaging Matters (SemiEngin; Nov 2015)

Security in 2.5D (SemiEngin; Oct 2015)

SEMICON Taiwan 2015: Part 3 – Substrate and Panel Processing (SST; Oct 2015)

Semiconductor Manufacturing: ASMC 2016 – Nov 2 Deadline for “Call for Papers” (SST; Sept 2015)

SEMICON Taiwan’s Packaging Punch (SEMI; Sept 2015)

Consolidation Continues; ASE Acquires SPIL stock; SEMICON Taiwan 2015: Part 2 (SST; Sept 2015)

SEMICON Taiwan 2015: Part 1; GaTech Interposer Workshop (SST; Sept 2015)

Is the 2.5D Supply Chain Ready? (SemiEngin; Sept 2015)

New System Requirements Demand Choreographed Ecosystem (SemiEngin; Sept 2015)

Advanced IC Packaging Biz Heats Up (SemiEng, Aug 2015)

More Change for Chip Industry (SST; June 2015)

Technology Innovation Driving fan-in Wafer Level Packaging Adoption (SST; June 2015)

IoT Needs New MEMS Approaches (EE Times, June 2015)

DAC 2015: Day 4 (SemiEngin; June 2015)

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