China Market Central - Industry News Archive

China Market Central - Industry News Archive

== 2017 ==

Entegris Looking for China Growth, Possible Acquisitions In 2018 (Investor's Business Daily, December 29, 2017)

IT Hardware: Key Takeaways from Our Recent Visits to Taiwan/Japan (Seeking Alpha, December 19th, 2017)

Apple's 2017 iPhone Models Give Taiwan's Weary Tech Sector a Reprieve (Voice of America, December 18th, 2017)

Will Fab Tool Boom Cycle Last? (SemiEngineering, December 18, 2017)

Japan exports, imports surge on strong demand in China, US (abcNEWS, December 17, 2017) 

Hua Hong Semiconductor Introduces 12-bit SAR ADC IP To Enable Ultra-Low Power MCU Platforms (EIN News; December 15, 2017)

Chinese Regime Laying Siege to US Semiconductor Industry (Epoch Times, December 14th, 2017)

The Wow Factor: Korea Drives 2018 Record for Semiconductor Fab Forecast (SEMI, December 12, 2017)

China IC Design Industry tops $30 Billion (Electronics Weekly, December 8, 2017) 

China Gets Big Boost in Semiconductor Equipment Localization (Digitimes, December 8th, 2017)

TSMC Speeds Opening of China Fab (EETimes, December 8, 2017)

Four Executives of Bay Area Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer Charged In Alleged Conspiracy to Steal Technology And Related Crimes (U.S. Department of Justice, December 6, 2017)

China investor increases stake in Dialog Semi to over 7 percent (Reuters, December 5th, 2017)

China raising $30 billion for BigFund's second phase (eeNews Europe, December 5, 2017)

US and China could exchange sanctions on telecom, chips, and agriculture in trade war skirmish: analysts (South China Morning Post, December 5, 2017)

Chipmaker Renesas adding to electric-vehicle team in China (Nikkei Asian Review, December 4, 2017)

When Less is Moore (EETimes, December 1, 2017) 

Restricting semiconductor equipment shipments could force the Chinese to stop North Korea (Seeking Alpha, November 29, 2017)

China's Semiconductor Industry May De-Throne Taiwan (Newsgurards, November 20, 2017)

Al to bring opportunities, challenges for Taiwan semiconductor industry (Digitimes, November 16, 2017)

China Passes U.S. in Supercomputers: After leap forward, leapfrogging expected (EETimes, November 13, 2017)

China Looks to Chip Away At Taiwan's Semiconductor Dominance (Forbes, November 9, 2017)

Total Revenue of China's IC Industry to Grow Above Global Average at Annual Rate of 19.86% for 2018 (BusinessWire, November 9, 2017)

China AI unicorn Cambricon to launch smart chip using TSMC 16nm process (Digitimes, November 9, 2017)

How to Build a Nation (EETimes, November 9, 2017)

How China Plans to Beat the U.S. at Technology (CNN Money; November 7, 2017)

Semiconductor Super Cycle: Market trends, drivers, and forecasts (ElectroIQ, November 8, 2017)

Domestic Supply Chain Shuffle: Increasing the Value of Local Content in Semiconductor Equipment (I-Connect007, November 6, 2017)

China Semiconductor players urged to take high ground in technology development(Digitimes; Nov 3, 2017)

“Smart Manufacturing of China” A New Driving Force for Power Semiconductors (SEMI; Nov 1, 2017)

Samsung said to be increasing DRAM capacity (Electronics Weekly, October 31, 2017)

China Everbright betting on chip-sector growth with $500m fund (Nikkei Asian Review, October 31, 2017)

LG Display's Investment in China to be Approved by Korean Government (Business Korea, October 31, 2017)

TowerJazz and Yuanchen Microelectronics Announce partnership for Backside illumination (BASI) Manufacturing in Changchun, China (Nasdaq GlobeNewswire, October 30, 2017)

4 Semiconductor earnings to watch this Week ( Benzinga, October 30, 2017)

South Korea plans for large-scale investments in China (The Hankyoreh, October 27, 2017)

China's Everbright, VC firm Walden launch $500mln semiconductor fund (Business Insider, October 26, 2017)

China eyes industrial reform via heightened state control (Nikkei Asian Review, October 26, 2017)

Tesla could change China auto industry: Observers (China Daily, October 26, 2017)

Xi Jinping elected general secretary of CPC Central Committee (China Daily, October 25, 2017)

Data 'rewriting business playbook' (China Daily, October 25, 2017)

U.S. Can’t Pull Down China’s Data Wall (EE Times, October 24, 2017)

Brexit, Britain, and Beijing (EE Times, October 24, 2017)

GlobalFoundries’ momentum in China (October 23, 2017)

Auto sector in high-tech fast lane (China Daily, October 20, 2017)

Breakthroughs confirm China's rise as a global high-tech player (China Daily, October 20, 2017)

Dr. Haijun Zhao, Dr. Liang Mong Song Appointed as SMIC Co-CEO and Executive Director (PR Newswire, October 16, 2017)

China RoHS 2 Update (EPSNews, October 11, 2017)

EU nations must come together on Chinese Investment (Nikkei Asian Review, October 11, 2017)

China RoHS 2 Update (EPSNews, October 11, 2017)

The Rise of the China IC Industry (Cadence; Oct 11, 2017)

Foundries Target China (EE Times, October 6, 2017)

Pure-Play Foundries Boosting Their Presence in China (IC Insights, October 5, 2017)

SEMI China Initiates Smart Manufacturing Committee (SEMI, October 5, 2017)

Robots Roll Towards China (EE Times; Sept 29, 2017)

SEMI Strategic Materials Conference (Cadence, Sept 26, 2017)

Busting U.S.-China Trade Deficit Myths (China Bus Review; Sept 26, 2017)

Will Imagination Deals Deliver MIPS to China? (EE Times; Sept 25, 2017)

Nvidia CEO in China: Big Push for AI Inference (EE Times; Sept 25, 2017)

China's Slipping Export Crown Could Be Saved by Technology (Bloomberg; Sept 24, 2017)

China sets its sights on dominating sunrise industries (Sept 23, 2017)

NXP, Baidu to join hands on self-driving (China Daily; Sept 22, 2017)

Intel expects Chinese tech to see growth (China Daily; Sept 20, 2017)

EU Chamber warns China: Open economy faster or risk backlash (ABC News; Sept 19, 2017)

Paying for foreign technology talent will yield breakthroughs, benefits for China (Global Times; Sept 18, 2017) 

Quality, Competitive Edge Needed for Survival in Chinese Market (BusinessKorea; Sept 13, 2017)

Whither Xcerra? (SemiEngin; Sept 11, 2017)

Is China leaping past U.S.? (Politico; Sept 11, 2017)

Stay Ahead of the Curve with SMC 2017 − Materials Accelerating Innovation (SEMI; Sept 5, 2017)

Towerjazz to Set Up China Chip Facility With Tacoma (News24; Sept 9, 2017)

Global semiconductor sales increase 24% year-to-year in July (EvalEngin; Sept 6, 2017)

Lattice ruling hinders efforts to achieve economic goals (Global Times; Sept 4, 2017)

Trump to decide: block China-backed buyout of US chip maker? (CNBC; Sept 2, 2017)

Samsung invests in Xi'an memory chip production line (China Daily; Aug 31, 2017)

One Belt, One Road (SemiEngineering; Aug 24,  2017)

Inside Look at the August 2017 SEMI FabView (Aug 24, 2017)

China could enhance its position in post-Moore's Law era, says former TSMC COO (Digitimes; Aug 23, 2017)

The 200mm Equipment Scramble (SemiEngin; Aug 23, 2017)

Israel's TowerJazz to set up China chip plant with Tacoma Semi (Aug 21, 2017)

Opinion:Trump’s right about one thing on trade (Wash Post; Aug 20, 2017)

U.S. formally launches probe of China's intellectual property practices (Reuters; Aug 18, 2017)

Chip testing firm urges blocking rival Xcerra's sale to China fund: Wall Street Journal (Reuters; Aug 15, 2017)

China breaks global records for automation (The Manufacturer; Aug 17, 2017)

SPIL to invest US$25 million in China (DIGITIMES, Aug 15, 2017)

Semiconductor Industry Backs Trump's Chian Probe (EETimes, Aug 15, 2017)

China Strategic Innovation and Investment Forum Held in San Francisco at SEMICON West (SEMI; Aug 7, 2017)

How This U.S. Tech Giant Is Backing China’s Tech Ambitions (CNBC; Aug 6, 2017)

China to take 3 to 5 years to pose threat to memory chip industry (Nikkei; Aug 4, 2017) 

SEMI China Report: Getting Smart at SEMI/Gartner Industry Outlook Session(SEMI; Aug 4, 2017)

Has China's Rise Topped Out? (Bloomberg; Aug 6, 2017)

Trump May Toughen Trade Threats on China (Bloomberg; Aug 2, 2017)

Three steps for China to dominate global AI sector (Global Times; Aug 2, 2017)

Explosive Growth Ahead (SemiEngin; July 27, 2017)

Made in China 2025: Make or Break for Europe? (EE Times; July 25, 2017)

Foxconn to double server output in China's Guizhou (Nikkei; July 25, 2017)

Encouraging Industry Cooperation: SEMI China Delegation Attends SEMI Europe Member Day (July 20, 2017)

Five Takeaways from SEMICON West (SEMI Engineering; July 20, 2017)

Apple creates executive post for Chinese business (Nikkei; July 20, 2017)

China unveils plan to become a world leader in AI by 2025 (Nikkei; July 20, 2017)

Made in China 2025: Who Cares? (EE Times; July 20, 2017)

China Growth Surge Highlighted at SEMICON West (Solid State Technology, July 11, 2017)

$49.4 Billion Semiconductor Equipment Forecast ─ New Record, Korea at Top (SEMI; July 11, 2017)

200mm Fab Investment Finds Home in China (SEMI; July 5, 2017)

SEMI China Assembly and Test Committee Meeting Held in TF AMD Microelectronics Hefei Factor (SEMI July 5, 2017)

Industrial Development Innovation at the Fifth China OLED Industry Forum (SEMI June 30, 2017)

Amkor Opens MEMS Packaging Line in China (3DIncites; June 28, 2017)

Electronics Production Growing (Electronics Weekly, June 26, 2017)

China Is Missing Out on the Chips Rush (Bloomberg, June 26, 2017)

The National Silicon Industry Group (NSIG) retains Nabeel Gareeb (NSIG Press Release, July 11, 2017)

Taking the Pulse of China’s Semiconductor Industry (Global SMT & Packaging, July 7, 2017)

SEMI China Equipment & Materials Committee Advocates Renewed Focus on Building Supply Chain (SEMI; June 30, 2017)

Much Ado About China’s Big IC Surge (EE Times, June 22, 2017)

Mnuchin Seeks Greater Scrutiny of Chinese Investments in U.S. (Bloomberg, June 14, 2017)

Risks from China Emerging in Korean Semiconductor Sector (Business Korea, June 14, 2017)

China's Stall on Taiwan Merger Seen as Tinged by Politics (Nikkei Asian Review, June 8, 2017)

U.S. Poised to Rule on Risk of China Cash Behind Lattice Bid (Bloomberg, June 7, 2017)

ASE Reapplies for Chinese Approval of SPIL Acquisition (Taipei Times, June 7, 2017)

Smart Cities – How the IoT Is Changing Urban Life in Asia (Lam Research, June 5, 2017)

Chinese Premier Li's speech at China-Germany Forum  (Xinhua; June 3, 2017)

Air Products Invests in 6 Industrial Gas Plants to Support Electronics Manufacturing Industry in China (Reuters, June 2, 2017)

Developing the Chinese Semiconductor Industry Ecosystem (Dow, June 1, 2017)

China High-End IC Alliance  (SEMI; May 30, 2017)

Digital Upgrade for Chinese Manufacturing (McKinsey, May 2017)

China Chips Looking Chipper (Electronics Weekly, May 24, 2017)

China Set to Rewrite FD-SOI History (EE Times, May 23, 2017)

China Outpaces Taiwan in IC Design, Backend Industry Output Value (Digitimes, May 23, 2017)

SEMI HB-LED Committee ─ China’s Spring Meeting 2017 Update (SEMI China, May 22, 2017)

SEMI PV and PV Materials Standards China Technical Committee
Chapter Meeting (Spring 2017) Successfully Held during SNEC
 (May 22, 2017)

ASE Group and SPIL Merger Approved by US Federal Trade Commission (MIC, May 20, 2017)

Amid Industry Pushback, China Offers Changes to Cyber Rules: Sources (Reuters, May 19, 2017)

Chinese Smart Manufacturing on Fast Track (Xinhua, May 19, 2017)

WEBINAR (May 18): China's New Cybersecurity Law: What Does it Mean for your Business? (SEMI)  

China to Increase Momentum in Smart Manufacturing (Xinhua, May 17, 2017)

China’s semiconductor industry and “win-win” growth (Solid State Technology; May 15, 2017) 

Commerce's Ross: China's Plans Threaten U.S. Semiconductor Dominance (Reuters, May 11, 2017)

China Expands Data Export Restrictions (EE Times; May 8, 2017)

Soitec Names New VP of Strategic Business Development in China (SST, May 2017)

Chinese Scientists Make Quantum Leap in Computing (Chinese Academy of Sciences, May 3, 2017)

What ‘Made in China 2025’ can teach Trump’s America about Reviving Industry (S. China Morning Post; May 1, 2017)

Foxconn's Gou Meets With Trump, Mulls U.S. Investment Plans (Bloomberg; Apr 29, 2017)

SEMICON Southeast Asia Reflects Strong Equipment Market (Semiconductor Intelligence, Apr 27, 2017)

Sizing Up China’s Fab Tool Biz (SemiEngin; Apr 20, 2017)

Toshiba's Fate Tied to US-China Tussle for Chip Dominance (Nikkei; Apr 19, 2017)

Sibanye Gets U.S. Security Nod to Buy Stillwater Mines (Wash Post; Apr 17, 2017)

China: Five Main Challenges When Globalizing through M&A  (China Bus Review; Apr 14, 2017)

BRIEF-Xcerra Corp to be Acquired for Approximately $580 mln by Unic Capital Management (Reuters; Apr 10, 2017)

China’s SMIC Ramps Up Chip Production Capacity, Targets Strategic New Acquisitions (S. China Morning Post; March 29, 2017)

Chinese Chipmaker Tsinghua Unigroup Agrees to $22bn in State Financing (Financial Times; Mar 28, 2017)

Japan may Block Toshiba Sale to Firm with China Ties (Asia Times; Mar 28, 2017)

ChipMOS Shanghai becomes JV between ChipMOS and Tsinghua Unigroup (DigiTimes; Mar 27, 2017)

Microsemi to Close China Manufacturing Facility (SST; Mar 23, 2017)

SEMICON China 2017  (SEMI; March 14-16, 2017)

China #1 Spending Region for Fab Equipment (SEMI; Feb 14, 2017)

62 New Facilities Start Operation 2017 and Beyond (SEMI; Dec 13, 2016)

China: Strong Market and Innovation in Packaging (SEMI; Mar 2016)

China Pushes Domestic Chip Development: Acquisition Not in the Cards (Nikkei; Mar 23, 2017)

China’s IC Industry Major Recruitment Drive to Prepare for Operation of New Fabs in 2018 (TrendForce; Mar 22, 2017)

5 Reasons Why China will Rule Tech (ComputerWorld; Mar 21, 2017)

China: Fab Boom Or Bust? (SemiEngin; Mar 16, 2017)

SEMICON China 2017 Opens Tomorrow in Shanghai (SEMI; Mar 13, 2017)

Minister Commits to Market Principles for 'Made in China 2025' (CGTN; Mar 11, 2017)

Merger of Sevenstar with NMC completed; New Brand NAURA (SEMI; March 2017)

China’s Retaliation: Trade War with Korea Could End Up with Both Sides Losing (Korea JoongAng Daily; Mar 7, 2017)

Forging Ahead (Week in China; Mar 10, 2017)

European Chip Market Growth Far Behind China's (EE Times Europe; March 6, 2017)

Micron takeover could be big payday for Inotera staff (China Post; Mar 3, 2017)

SEMICON China Set for China's Booming Semiconductor Manufacturing (SEMI, Feb 28, 2016)

Infineon aims to maintain China growth in 2017 (China Daily; Feb 28, 2017)

China’s Big Play for Small Chips (Fortune, Feb 23, 2017)

China's Big Play for Small Chips (Fortune; Feb 23, 2017)

Keeping an eye on US–China semiconductor supremacy struggles (East Asia Forum; Feb 20, 2017)

Could China Take the Lead in Installed 300mm Capacity? (SemiWiki; Feb 17, 2017)

China Moves To Top Spot In Fab Equipment Spending (SemiEngineering; Feb 16, 2017)

China's projects driving global fab equipment sales (EE Times Europe; Feb 15, 2017)

Great Leap Upward: Behind China's $100 Billion Shopping Spree (Bloomberg;  Feb 13, 2017)

The U.S. Chip Industry Is Growing in China  (MIT Tech Review; Feb 13, 2017)

Without technology, China’s 'MIC 2025' to fall short of its goals (Evertiq; Feb 13, 2017)

Winners & Losers of GloFo's China Deal (EE Times; Feb 13, 2017)

Plan for $10 Billion Chip Plant Shows China’s Growing Pull (NYTimes; Feb 10, 2017)

GLOBALFOUNDRIES invests for capacity growth in the United States, Germany, China and Singapore (Nanotechnology Now ; Feb  10, 2017)

Trade War between China and the U.S. -- a Lose-Lose, says State Media (Reuters; Jan 24, 2017)

China Goes on an M&A Diet (EE Times; Jan 24, 2017)

China Unveils Memory Plans (SemiEngin; Jan 19, 2017)

China Factors Heavily into Business and Policy Considerations (SemiEngin; Jan 19, 2017)

German CIGS Firm Manz Enters Into Major Chinese Deal (Jan, 2017)

China Defends Big Chip Bet (EE Times; Jan 12, 2017)

Why China Poses a Threat to the U.S. Semiconductor Market (Reuters; Jan 6, 2017)

As Trump presidency approaches, US warns China on semiconductors (PC World; Jan 6, 2017)

US may curb Chinese access to semiconductor industry (China Econ Review; Jan 3, 2017)

Chinese Access to U.S. Semiconductor Industry may be Curbed (WSJ; Jan 2, 2017)

== 2016 ==

Former TSMC executive to join Chinese rival (Nikkei; Dec 22, 2016)

Commentary: Implications of former TSMC executive serving as independent director at SMIC (Digitimes; Dec 23, 2016)

CEO Outlook: Chip Design 2017 (SemiEngin; Dec 22, 2016)

 Wafer Works to set up 8-inch fab in China (Digitimes; Dec 21, 2016)

China’s Memory Drama: Must-See in 2017 (EE Times; Dec 19, 2016)

China’s National IC Fund to Focus on Fabless IC Design (China Times; Dec 19, 2016)

China Dominates Planned Chip Fabs (EE Times; Dec 15, 2016)

Semiconductor Equipment Sales Forecast $40B (SEMI; Dec 13, 2016)

SEMICON China 2017 presents six forums in China’s explosive growth market (SST; Dec 13, 2016)

China Eyes Chip Market Amid Growing Demand (Forbes; Dec 9, 2016)

Chinese Takeover of Aixtron Collapses After U.S. Ban (WSJ; Dec 8, 2016)

Why China Wants U.S. Memory Chip Technology -- And What Washington Is Doing About It (Forbes; Dec 6, 2016)

China appeals to U.S. to stop disrupting acquisitions (; Dec 5, 2016) 

Obama Blocks Chinese Takeover of Aixtron as U.S. Security Risk (Bloomberg; Dec 2, 2016)

Aixtron Tumbles as Obama Said Poised to Block Chinese Takeover (Bloomberg; Dec 1, 2016)

SEMI China President Shares Insights with Domestic Media (SEMI; Nov 2016)

SMIC Launches First 12-inch IC Production Line in South China (Silicon Semi; Nov 29, 2016)

China’s Patent Record Won’t Travel (EE Times; Nov 24, 2016)

Ningbo Semiconductor International Corporation Officially Inaugurated (Yahoo Finance; Nov 23, 2016)

Changes In China  (SemiEngin; Nov 21, 2016)

China investment funds wooing Taiwan IC vendors (Digitimes; Nov 18, 2016)

Interview: China becomes "serious challenger" on global supercomputing stage (; Nov 17, 2016)

China and Germany: The Honeymoon Is Over (The Diplomat; Nov 16, 2016)

UMC Holds Grand Opening Ceremony for New 12-inch Wafer Fab in China (UMC; Nov 16, 2016)

China Unveils Three Major Decisions Within Three Minutes (Bloomberg; Nov 7, 2016)

Foxconn plans to expand its chip ambitions (Nikkei; Nov 6, 2016)

Foxconn plans to expand its chip ambitions (Nikkei; Nov 6, 2016)

Lattice Semiconductor to be bought by China-backed Canyon Bridge (Reuters; Nov 4, 2016)

SMIC to Build South China’s First 12-Inch Fab (EE Times; Nov 3, 2016)

Why U.S. Computer Chip Makers May Need Government Help (Fortune; Nov 1, 2016)

What Does National Security Have to Do with Chinese Takeovers of Large Int’l Semiconductor Companies? (LED Inside; Oct 28, 2016)

China is Scrambling to Turn Itself into a Chip-making Titan (Nikkei; Oct 27, 2016)

Germany stalls Chinese takeover of tech firm Aixtron (; October 24, 2016)

China to produce 3D NAND chips as early as end-2017 (Digitimes; Oct 18, 2016)

SMIC TianJin launches capacity expansion project (SST; Oct 18, 2016)

Germany considers protecting firms from foreign takeovers (Reuters; Oct 16, 2016)

Japan chipmaking equipment surging on Chinese demand (Nikkei; Oct 12, 2016)

China Inc. Going 'All In' on Chips (Nikkei; Oct 10, 2016)

Taiwan No. 1 IC exporter to China; South Korea ranks 2nd (Focus Taiwan; Oct 8, 2016)

Chinese Consortium To Acquire Analogix Semiconductor For USD500 Million (China Tech News; Sept 26, 2016)

Four IC Industry Clusters Emerge with China's 13th Five-Year Plan

NXP establishing security standards for smart cars in China (Digitimes; Sept 29, 2016)

State-owned China foundry HLMC to build second fab (Elec Weekly; Sept 26, 2016)

China Tries New U.S. Chip Buy With Analogix (Forbes; Sept 26, 2016)

Rush of Chinese Investment in Europe’s High-Tech Firms Is Raising Eyebrows (NY Times; Sept 17, 2016)

Chinese chipmaking equipment billings more than double in April-June quarter (Nikkei; Sept 14, 2016)

Global chipmakers plan $50bn investment in China by 2020 (Nikkei; Sept 11, 2016)

CEO urges care in China’s semiconductor ambitions (Taipei Times; Sept 10, 2016)

GLOBALFOUNDRIES unveils New 12nm FD-SOI Semiconductor Technology (China Times; Sept 9, 2016)

Western Digital Snubs Washington, Eyes Beijing Largess With China JV (Forbes; Sept 9, 2016)

China's Bold Strategy for Semiconductors – Zero-Sum Game or Catalyst for Cooperation? (EastWest; Sept 7, 2016)

Fab Equipment Spending Trending Upwards in 2016 and 2017 (SEMI; Sept 6, 2016)

What is Your China Strategy? (SemiMD; Sept 7, 2016)

Fab Equipment Spending Trending Upwards in 2016 and 2017 (SEMI; Sept 6, 2016)

China market: Huada aims to become largest MCU vendor locally (Digitimes; Sept 1, 2016)

China's Almost Insurmountable Challenge (Electronics Weekly; Aug 30, 2016)

Mainland chips away at Taiwan's dominance in semiconductor business (Caijin Online; Aug 29, 2016)

Lack of know-how hurts China’s chip supremacy goal (Taipei Times; Aug 25, 2016)

China’s Bid to Dominate the Chip Industry Is In Danger of Falling Short (MIT Tech Review; Aug 24, 2016)

Digitimes Research: China IC self-sufficiency rate to reach 40% by 2020 (Digitimes; Aug 23, 2016)

Samsung to lure Chinese chip firms (Korea Herald; Aug 23, 2016)

China’s Capital Equipment Market To Boom (SemiEngin; Aug 18, 2016)

Trade War Looms Over Materials (SemiEngin; Aug 18, 2016)

China market: Nantong Fujitsu reportedly to acquire Amkor (Digitimes; Aug 17, 2016)

SK expanding partnership for smart factory biz in China (Korea Times; Aug 16, 2016)

China successfully develops semiconductor quantum chip (China Tech News; Aug 13, 2016)

China firms set up alliance to integrate development of semiconductor industry (Digitimes; Aug 8, 2016)

27 China chip operations form HECA (ElectronicsWeekly; Aug 8, 2016)

IEK issues warning on China's new semiconductor alliance (Focus Taiwan; Aug 8, 2016)

How China's New $2.8B Chip Maker Will Affect the Global Semiconductor Industry (Forbes Asia; Aug 6, 2016)

Global DRAM Industry Might Face Upheaval (BusinessKorea; Aug 5, 2016)

GLOBALFOUNDRIES appoints Wallace Pai as General Manager to oversee China business development (SST; Aug 2016)

China's IC industry: A Global Threat? (EE Times Asia; Aug 4, 2016)

UK semiconductor pioneer sets its sights on China (PE World; Aug 2, 2016)

China’s IC Industry: 'Don't Let World Bully Us' (EE Times; Aug 2, 2016)

Tsinghua Unigroup and XMC merging chip operations to create Chinese giant (Taipei Times; July 27, 2016)

China Likely to Narrow Chip Gap (EE Times; July 2016)

Think Small, China (EE Times; July 2016)

UMC Sees Jump in 28nm Demand (July 2016)

Chinese Chipmaker Merger: China -- Birth to a Semiconductor Giant (BusinessKorea; July 28, 2016)

China: Notes from Day 3 of ConFab 2016 (SST; July 26, 2016)

With China Kicking the FLOP Out of Us, the Gold Medal Prize is Future Prosperity (IHP; July 2016)

Air Products to build new gas plant in China (The Morning Call; July 19, 2016)

China Plans First Immigration Agency to Lure Overseas Talent (Bloomberg; July 18, 2016) 

China’s IoT market to be worth over $120 billion by 2022 (Readwrite; July 15, 2016) 

Chinese Firm Gets ARM License to Attack Server Market (EE Times; July 13, 2016) 

TSMC Denies Establishing R&D Center in China (CTimes; July 12, 2016) 

China Bid for Tech Dominance Is Making This Israeli Company Rich (Bloomberg; July 11, 2016) 

China’s Final Chance to Achieve Its IC Industry Ambitions Now Underway (IC Insights; July 2016)

The next great race between the U.S. and China will be over computer chips (The Week; July 8, 2016)

TSMC breaks ground on China plant (Taipei Times; July 8, 2016) 

Ground broken for TSMC Nanjing 12-inch wafer plant (Focus Taiwan; July 7, 2016) 

US keen to shelter chip-tech patents from China (Asian Review; July 7, 2016)

Chinese Investment in the U.S. – Lessons and Opportunities (China Business Review; July 6, 2016) 

China's Role in the Global Semiconductor Industry (Bain & Company Insights; July 6, 2016) 

Manufacturing Bits: July 5 (SemiEngin; July 5, 2016) 

China’s semiconductor ambitions get a reality check as Stats ChipPac deal sees poor returns (South China Morning Post; July 4, 2016) 

Large Investments Intensifying Competition among Korea, China and Japan  (BusinessKorea; July 4, 2016) 

China’s SMIC Acquires Italian Semiconductor Foundry LFoundry for EUR 49m (Bloomberg; June 28, 2016) 

Taiwan chip firm ASE adds to calls for Taipei to ease China investment policy (Reuters; June 28, 2016)

China tech powerhouse Tsinghua bets $7.5 billion on R&D, urges faster reforms (Reuters; June 27, 2016)

SMIC ramps up global expansion with €49m purchase of Italian chipmaker LFoundry (South China Morning Post; June 26, 2016) 

Taiwan Chip Designers to Lobby for Ability to Work With China (Bloomberg; June 22, 2016) 

China Tops U.S. in Supercomputers (EE Times; June 20, 2016) 

China builds world’s fastest supercomputer without U.S. chips (ComputerWorld; June 20, 2016) 

China: new fab hub of Asia? (EET Asia; June 19, 2016) 

NPP urges blocking of MediaTek deal (Taipei Times; June 19, 2016) 

What is Driving the Advanced Packaging Market in China? (3D InCities; June 17, 2016) 

What is driving the advanced packaging market in China? (SST; June 16, 2016) 

China’s Midea Begins Cash Offer for German Robot Maker Kuka (Bloomberg; June 15, 2016) 

NXP Semiconductors to Sell Standard Products Unit for $2.75 Billion (Wall St Journal; June 14, 2016) 

U.S. to Press China to Curb Industrial Output (NY Times; June 5, 2016) 

Globalfoundries Partners with Chinese City Chongqing on Chip-Making JV (China Daily; June 3, 2016)

Exar to Sell Display IC Subsidiary to Chinese Firm (EE Times; June 3, 2016) 

Fab Investment Increases in China (SemiEngin; June 2, 2016)

China Manufacturing expands 3rd straight month  (The China Post; June 2, 2016) 

Samsung partnering with Chinese companies in semiconductors? (Korean Times; May 6, 2016)

China Moves in Takeover of European Wafer Supplier (EE Times; May 31, 2016) 

KSIA urges China to be more transparent  (The Korean Times; May 27, 2016)

Ray Zinn Reflects On 37 years As CEO Of Micrel  (SemiEngin; May 26, 2016)

China's Science Revolution  (BBC News; May 23, 2016) 

China Investment Fund Makes Offer for German Chipmaker Aixtron (Wall St Journal; May 23, 2016)

Factbox: China develops an appetite for German technology firms  (Reuters; May 23, 2016)

Chinese Group to Buy Europe's Aixtron for $752 Million  (Bloomberg; May 22, 2016)

Commentary: Foxconn moves one step further to become brand operator (Digitimes; May 20, 2016)

Taiwan begins review of Chinese Tsinghua’s $1b deals in two semiconductor firms (Deal Street Asia; May 17, 2016)

China’s New Requirement for U.S. Tech Companies (NY Times; May 17, 2016)

China’s debt bubble is getting only more dangerous (Wash Post; May 16, 2016)

Apple invests $1 billion in Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing (Reuters; May 13, 2016)

China Plugs Cross-border E-commerce Import Tax Loophole (China Bus Review; May 9, 2016)

From Catching Up to Forging Ahead: China’s New Role in the Semiconductor Industry (SST; May 2, 2016)

Liberty Times: If semiconductor sector falls, economy falls too (Focus Taiwan; May 2, 2016)

Extending Your Web Business Into China (China Bus Review; Apr 29, 2016)

SPIL terminates deal to sell off 25% stake in China's Tsinghua (China Post; Apr 29, 2016)

Is China a "Market Economy"? It Doesn't Matter (China Bus Review; Apr 26, 2016)

China’s Flash Memory Capacity to Reach 590,000 Wafer Pieces by 2020 (China Times; Apr 25, 2016) 

Investment in Chinese Semiconductor Sector on a Rapid Increase (Business Korea; Apr 25, 2016)

China to See 7 New Semiconductor Plants Soon (Korea Econ Daily; Apr 22, 2016)

China's Chip Patent Growth May Be Short Lived (EE Times; Apr 21, 2016)

AMD Licenses X86 to China JV (EE Times; Apr 21, 2016)

GSA Forum: China lacks pre-requisite for semiconductor success (Elec Weekly; Apr 21, 2016)

South Korea’s Exports to China Plummeted 15.7% On-Year in Q1 (Bus Korea; Apr 21, 2016)

Could China Get Approval for a Semiconductor Acquisition? (Yahoo Finance; Apr 18, 2016)

China market: HiWafer Semi ramps up 6-inch GaAs chip fab (Digitimes; Apr 18, 2016)

Memory, the Turning Point of Chinese Semiconductor Industry (Cadence; Apr 14, 2016)

NXP Unit Reportedly Attracts Chinese Suitors (EE Times; Apr 11, 2016)

EVENT on  Apr 9: 2016 CASPA Special Symposium: Memory, The Turning Point Of China Semiconductor

Chinese IC companies Account for Just 3% of Total IC Sales in 2015 (China Times; Apr 6, 2016)

My next event: Memory, The Turning Point Of China Semiconductor (SemiWiki; Apr 6, 2016)

China's Interest in FD-SOI: Is It for Real? (EE Times; Apr 5, 2016)

Teaching China outbound M&A rules: Part 2 (Finance Asia; Apr 5, 2016)

As China pushes semiconductor industry, cybersecurity and politics push back (China Bus Review; Apr 4, 2016)

China Facing Long-term Memory Gap (EE Times; Apr 4, 2016)

As China pushes semiconductor industry, cybersecurity and politics push back (China Bus Review; Apr 4, 2016)

China's Maturing LED Industry (Compound Semi; Apr 4, 2016)

Teaching China Outbound M7A Rules: Part 1 (Finance Asia; Apr 1, 2016)

Finland's Okmetic receives takeover offer from China's National Silicon  (Reuters; Apr 1, 2016)

The Chinese want to buy more American companies — and we should let them (Wash Post; Apr 1, 2016)

U.S. Will Surpass China As the No. 1 Country for Manufacturing by 2020 (Fortune; March 31, 2016)

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor announces joint venture agreement in China (SST; Mar 31, 2016)

China’s semiconductor strategy (SST; Mar 30, 2016)

Taiwan’s TSMC To Build $3B Advanced Silicon Wafer Plant In China (IBT; Mar 28, 2016)

TSMC Signs Agreement for Its First 300mm Fab in China (EE Times; Mar 28, 2016)

Korean chipmakers face Chinese threat (Korea Herald; Mar 27, 2016)

3D NAND Fab Seen as Milestone for China (EE Times; March 23, 2016)

Korea fights for semiconductor supremacy (Korea JoongAng; Mar 21, 2016)

China's Voracious Appetite (Bloomberg; Mar 20, 2016)

China: Strong Market Growth And Innovation In Packaging (SemiEngin; Mar 17, 2016)

No foundry business plans for China: Nanya (Taipei Times; Mar 17, 2016)

Technavio Announces Top Six Vendors in the Semiconductor Packaging and Test Market in China from 2015 to 2019 (Bus Wire; Mar 16, 2016)

Brief: Nordic Semiconductor opens new offices in mainland China  (Reuters; Mar 16, 2016)

Applied Materials eyes expansion in China (China Daily; Mar 15, 2016)

SEMICON China Opens: Semiconductor Challenges and Bold China Policy (SEMI; Mar 14, 2016)

Chinese Buyers Keep Shopping in the U.S. (Wall St Journal; Mar 14, 2016)

Lattice Semi Reportedly Considers Chinese Suitor (EE Times; Mar 1, 2016)

Chinese pitch big M&A break-up fees, small stakes to allay U.S. regulatory fears (Reuters; Feb 29, 2016)

Chinese buyer eyes Portland-based Lattice Semiconductor (Oregon Live; Feb 29, 2016)

China Group Dumps Western Digital Investment (Silicon Beat; Feb 23, 2016)

Ex-Elpida chief sets up China-backed Japan-Taiwan venture (Nikkei Asian Review; Feb 22, 2016)

Tsinghua's $2.6B Taiwan Deals to Face Unprecedented Government Scrutiny (Finance Yahoo; Feb 22, 2016) 

The Backlash Over Chinese Takeovers (NY Times; Feb 18, 2016)

February: China’s Already Broken the Annual Record for U.S. Deals (Wall St Journal; Feb 18, 2016)

For China, Breakups Come at a Cost (Bloomberg; Feb 17, 2016)

Fairchild Rejects Chinese Offer on U.S. Regulatory Fears (Reuters; Feb 16, 2016)

China’s Impact On The Semiconductor Market (SemiEngin; Feb 8, 2016)

China's Currency Reserves Plunged in January (BBCNews; Feb 7, 2016)

Concern Grows in U.S. Over China’s Drive to Make Chips (NYTimes; Feb 4, 2016)

TSMC's 300mm Chinese Wafer Fab Wins Approval (EETimes; Feb 3, 2016)

Global Semi Sales Lower at US$335B in 2015 despite China Gains (StarOnline; Feb 3, 2016)

What's Happening in the China Market? (SEMI; Feb 2, 2016)

Chinese Buyers Poised to Nab Computer Chip Giant Fairchild (NYPost; Feb 2, 2016)

China Semiconductor Acquisitions Surge, SEMICON China Brings the New Market into Focus (SEMI; Jan 25, 2016)

SMIC to Benefit from $3 Billion Investment (EE Times; Jan 26, 2016)

Chips on their Shoulders: China Wants to become a Superpower in Semiconductors (Economist; Jan 23, 2016)

US Opposition Scuppers Philips' $3.3B Sale of Lumileds to Chinese Buyers (Nikkei; Jan 22, 2016)

Synaptics Deal Shows China's Heightened Appetite For Foreign Chipmakers (Forbes; Jan 22, 2016)

Imagining China’s IC Fab Industry in 2035 (SST/SemiMD; Jan 22, 2016)

China's Chip Jackpot Teases (EE Times; Jan 20, 2016)

Mixed Fortunes for Singapore Firms in China (StraitsTimes; Jan 18, 2016)

Qualcomm and Guizhou Province Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement and Form Joint Venture (Qualcomm; Jan 16, 2016)

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ON Semiconductor Won't Battle China For Fairchild (IBDaily; Jan 7, 2016)

China’s State-backed Companies to Continue Driving Global Semiconductor M&A Activity (S.ChinaPost; Jan 4, 2016)

Fairchild Says Chinese Bid could be Better (EE Times; Jan 4, 2016)

== 2015 ==

China Gaining Position in the Global Semiconductor Market (Yahoo; December 29, 2015)

Fairchild Semiconductor Gets Revised Unsolicited Bid (Bloomberg; Dec 29, 2015)

Tsinghua Unigroup Aims to Become World's No. 3 Chip Maker (Nikkei; Dec 28, 2015)

Will Chairman's Bold China Gambit Pay Off for TSMC? (Asia Nikkei; Dec 26, 2015)

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China's Chip Plans an Economic Attack on Taiwan? (SemiWiki; Dec 22, 2015)

Local Businesses Pay the Price of Growing Overseas Influence(KoreaJDaily; Dec 21, 2015)

As Qualcomm Faces China's Wrath, Tech Foundation Steps Up Critique Of Beijing (IBT; Dec 21, 2015)

China Leaders Flag More Stimulus after Top Economic Meeting (Bloomberg; Dec 21, 2015)

Will China Take Over Taiwan From The Inside Via Chips?(Barron's Asia; Dec 18, 2015)

Tsinghua Unigroup to Invest $2B in Taiwan Chip Packaging Companies (ChinaBusReview; Dec 16, 2015)

China Hunting for Korean Semiconductor Firms (BusinessKorea; Dec 16, 2015)

China's Appetite for Semiconductor Chips Not Easily Satisfied (WSJ; Dec 15, 2015)

Editorial: China’s Pursuit of Semiconductor Firms (Taipai Times; Dec 14, 2015)

China's Drive for Semiconductor Self-sufficiency Begins to Pay Off (ChinaEconReview; Dec 10, 2015)

China Bolsters its IC Gear Business with Mattson Acquisition (SemiMD; Dec 10, 2015)

China Chips Away at U.S., Taiwan Semiconductor Dominance (Reuters; Dec 9, 2015)

China Resources Said to Offer $2.46B for Fairchild (video) (Bloomberg; Dec 8, 2015)

China Swarms the IoT (EE Times; Dec 7, 2015)

TSMC Aims to Build Its First 12-inch Fab in China EE Times; Dec 7, 2015)

Taiwan’s Chipmakers Push for China Thaw (FinTimes; Dec 6, 2015)

China Buys U.S. Tool Vendor; Supplier Awards; Samsung’s Mobile Biz (SemiEngin; Dec 4, 2015)

Memory Loss: China's High Stakes Gamble in the Bloodiest Segment (Interpreter; Dec 3, 2015)

Consolidation's Aftermath(SemiEngin; Dec 2, 2015)

Mattson Technology Enters Into Acquisition Agreement by Beijing E-Town Dragon Semi. Industry Investment Center (Mattson, Dec 2, 2015) 

Taiwan Chipmaker Gaining China Foothold ahead of Rivals (Nikkei; Dec 1, 2015)

SK Hynix Says Rejected Tsinghua Unigroup Collaboration Offer (YahooFinance; Nov 26, 2015)

5 Technology Trends in China (Barron's Asia; Nov 25, 2015) 

China's Buying Spree: 2014-15 Top Tech Deals (EE Times; Nov 18, 2015)

China Has $47B Chip Fund Focused on U.S. M&A (EE Times; Nov 17, 2015)

Chinaa Supercomputing Powerhouse (WallStJour; Nov 17, 2015)

Could Qualcomm Be China's Next Target? (EE Times; Nov 17, 2015)

CASPA Seminar on "Rising Path of China's Semiconductor Industry" (Nov 21 in San Jose, Calif.)

China's Tsinghua Unigroup to Invest $47B to Build Chip Empire (Reuters; Nov 16, 2015)

Sock City Playbook Copied as China Moves Up Value Chain (Bloomberg; Nov 16, 2015)

China's Strategy For Global Technology Dominance By Any Means Necessary (Forbes; Nov 12, 2015)

BOE to Buy stake in ChipMOS Shanghai Plant, says Report (Digitimes; Nov 11, 2015)

TSMC Open to Selling Stake to Chinese Investors (EE Times; Nov 10, 2015)

China's Chip Challenge: Korean Firms Need Investment, R&D Plans (KoreaTimes; Nov 10, 2015)

China's Tongfang Guoxin to Raise $12.5B for Buildup (Nikkei; Nov 7, 2015)

China State-owned Firm to Build $15 Billion Chip Plant (; Nov 6, 2015)

China Semiconductor Investment Fund Changes the Rules of Competition  (Digitimes; Nov 6, 2015)

China’s Tsinghua Unigroup to Build Memory Chip Factory (WallStJour; Nov 5, 2015)

China Further Expands Its Influence in Semiconductor Industry (SemiWiki; Nov 5, 2015)

SEMI China Delegation Visits Japan (SEMI; Nov 4, 2015)

China to Start Working on World’s Largest Super-Collider by 2020 (ElecProducts; Nov 4, 2015)

Tsinghua Investment in PTI: Trigger Taiwan Policy Change for Semi. Industry (Digitimes; Nov 3, 2015)

China’s Fab Tool Biz Heats Up (SemiEngin; Oct 28, 2015)

How Will China Spend $120 Billion? (SemiEngin; Oct 22, 2015)

What China is Planning (SemiEngin; Oct 21, 2015)

Intel: May Invest $5.5B in China Memory Chip Plant (Reuters; Oct 21, 2015)

Shanghai Seeks ‘More-than-Moore’ in Silicon Valley (EE Times; Oct 19, 2015)

China's Growth Slows to 6.9% (NYTimes; Oct 18, 2015)

IBM Allows Chinese Government to Review Source Code (WallStJour; Oct 16, 2015)

SMIC: Formation of Joint Venture with China IC Fund (WallStTrans; Oct 15, 2015)

Infineon to Build $300m IoT Wafer Fab in China (ElecWkly; Oct 13, 2015)

Infineon Sets Up Second Factory in China (EE Times; Oct 12, 2015)

Tsinghua’s Latest Deal Is Adding Chairman of Micron Venture (Bloomberg; Oct 11, 2015)

SMIC to Report Tunnel-FET Extension to CMOS (EE Times; Oct 9, 2015)

China Said to be Stalking GlobalFoundries (TimesUnion; Oct 2, 2015)

16 Deals Feeding Chip Biz's Merger Fever (EE Times; Sept 30, 2015)

China: 2015 SEMI Equipment & Mat'ls Committee Meeting Held (SEMI, Sept 25, 2015)

U.S.-China Agree to Not Conduct Cybertheft of IP (CNBC; Sept 25, 2015)

Chinese, German Semi. Manufacturers Set for Memory Market Invasion (Bus Korea; Sept 24, 2015)

China Now Accounts For 47 Percent Of MOCVD Capacity (CompSemi; Sept 23, 2015)

Cisco Inferno: China Troubles Push U.S. Tech Giant to Strike Deal (WallStJour; Sept 23, 2015)

U.S. Braces for Semiconductor Challenge from China  (NIKKEI; Sept 22, 2015)

Tsinghua Buys Western Digital Stake for $3.8 Billion (Reuters; Sept 20, 2015)

SMIC to make Freescale chips designed specifically for China (Digitimes; Sept 18, 2015)

New ZEISS China Headquarters Open in Shanghai (PR Newswire; Sept 18, 2015)

China Buys Swedish MEMS Foundry, Builds Fab (EETimesEur; Sept 17, 2015)

Intel Invests $67M in 8 Chinese Start-ups (CNBC; Sept 17, 2015)

China Warms Up, Slowly, to FD-SOI (EE Times; Sept 17, 2015)

Third Gen of Semiconductor Seize the Strategic High Ground (ChinaSciDaily; Sept 16, 2015)

SMIC, CICIIF and Qualcomm Intend to Invest into SJsemi (SMIC, Sept 16, 2015)

Soitec and Simgui Announce First 200mm SOI Wafers Produced in China (Nasdaq; Sept  15, 2015)

China IC Industry Worth $12.5B, says China SIA (ElecWeekly; Sept 15, 2015)

Does a Chinese Bid for GloFo Make Sense? (EE Times; Sept 2, 2015)

Taiwan Relaxes Law on Tech Production in China (; Sept 2, 2015)

China Semiconductor Investment Fund Reportedly Targets Globalfoundries (Digitimes; Aug 31, 2015)

China's Biggest Policy Bank Readies War Chest for Resource Deals (Bloomberg, Aug 31)

China Government to Support Development of MCUs, CPUs, Memory Chips (Digitimes; Aug 26, 2015)

Amkor Expands China Operations (Evertiq, Aug 26, 2015)

China Shakes Up ARM Servers (EETimes, Aug 25, 2015)

SMIC Sustained 13-Quarter Earnings for 15 Years Celebration (SEMI China, Aug 24, 2015)

Podcast: Will a Chip Champion Emerge from China? (McKinsey, Aug 20, 2015)

China's PV Manufacturing Output $31B+ in First Half of Year (PV Mag; Aug 19, 2015)

RFID in China Booms to $2.8 Billion in 2020 (Bloomberg Business; Aug 18, 2015)

Taiwan May Ease Rules on Chip Investments in China (EE Times; Aug 18, 2015)

Taiwan Officially Loosens The Restrictions of Investing 12-inch Fab in China (CTimes; Aug 14, 2015)

Taiwan Foundries: Soon Get Green Light for 12-inch Fabs in China (Digitimes; Aug 12, 2015)

Which Company Has the Most Invested in the Chinese LED Industry? (LED Inside; Aug 11, 2015)

Chinese Manufacturing Costs: India the Next "World Factory"? (First FinanDaily; Aug 11, 2015)

SMIC Successfully Makes Qualcomm Chips in 28nm Process (Digitimes; Aug 10, 2015)

China Strengthens its Leadership in Global Semiconductor Consumption (Bloomberg; Aug 6, 2015)

Marvell Said to Draw China Interest in $1 Billion Mobile Arm (Washington Post; Aug 5, 2015)

China Semiconductor Sales Worth $12.5B Last Year (E-Weekly; Aug 5, 2015)

Challenges and Opportunities for China in the Semiconductor Industry (SEMI; Aug 4, 2015)

Western Companies Look Hard at China as Growth Slows (Reuters; July 31, 2015)

SEMI China Power and Compound Semiconductor Committee Set Up in Shanghai (SEMI; July 28, 2015)

WTO Information Technology Agreement (ITA) to Expand (FirstFinanDaily; July 28, 2015)

China: Investment Fever Kicks IC Industry into High Gear (NanoChip; July 27, 2015)

Taiwan IT industries facing challenges from China supply chains, says MOEA (Digitimes; July 21, 2015)

Silicon Valley follows China's Playbook in Hunt for Business (Bloomberg; July 19, 2015)

Industry Leaders Gather at SEMICON West 2015: For Chinese Semiconductor Industry Brainstorming (SEMI; July 15, 2015)

Memory Chip Price War Looms as China Eyes USA's Micron (E&T; July 15, 2015)

China’s Bid for Chip Giant Signals Lofty Ambitions (WSJ; July 14, 2015)

State-Owned Chinese Chip Maker Tsinghua Unigroup Makes $23 Billion Bid for Micron (WSJ; July 14, 2015)

China Bids $23B for Micron (EE Times; July 13, 2015)

San’an Opto Receives Most Subsidies from Chinese Government in 1H15 (LEDinside; July 9, 2015)

PowerChip Plans Chinese Fab for Display, Sensor ICs (EE Times; July 2, 2015)

DRAMeXchange: XMC to Be China’s Memory Base (CTimes News; June 29, 2015)

Commentary: SMIC Gains Access to 14nm Process Technology (Digitimes; June 29, 2015)

Wafer-level Packaging is not Enough, say OSATS (EE Times; June 26,2015)

China's SMIC, Q'comm in 14nm Deal: Huawei, Imec also in R&D Joint Venture (EE Times; June 23, 2015)

Qualcomm in Venture with Chinese Chip Maker (NY Times; June 23, 2015)

SEMI Chinese Delegation Opens New Chapter with China and Russia in the Semiconductor Industry (SEMI; June 22, 2015)

Commentary: What Does Rising China Supply Chain Mean for Taiwan? (Digitimes; June 18, 2015)

Technology, R&D & IP Key Challenges as China Implements DRAM Strategy (CTimes News; June 17, 2015)

Graphene Booms in Factories but Lacks a Killer App (Nature; June 17, 2015)

Chip Makers Renew Pleas to Congress for Trade Bill (NY Times; June 16, 2015)

China IC Industry Outside Capital to Accelerate Acquisition (SEMI; June 16, 2015)

10nm Chips Promise Lower Costs (EE Times; June 15, 2015)

Why SMIC Eventually May Be Taken Over In China (Seeking Alpha; June 12, 2015)

UMC to Expand Production Capacity in Taiwan and China (Digitimes; June 10, 2015)

SITRI, Startup Funding and Support (SemiEngin; June 8, 2015)

Commentary: UMC Aims to Trump Investment Restriction for Producing 28nm Chips in China(Digitimes; June 4, 2015)

On China’s List: Memory, Market Share, M&A (EE Times; June 2, 2015)

Brite Semiconductor, CEVA and SMIC collaborate on IoT ASIC platform (PR Newswire; June 2, 2015)

NXP Semiconductors Announces Agreement to Sell RF Power Business (NXP; May 28, 2015)

HP’s $4.5 Billion China Unit Finds a Local Face to Succeed (Wash Post; May 22, 2015)

HP Strikes China Deal, Sales Slump (EE Times; May 21, 2015)

China Venture Capital Firm May Target Macronix, Winbond for Acquistion (Digitimes; May 18, 2015)

Tower Seeks Fab Deal in China (EE Times Europe; May 14, 2015)

国内外LED补贴政策 (LED Subsidy Programs at Home and Abroad) (SEMI; May 14, 2015)

Five Takeaways from SNEC (PV Mag; May 7, 2015)

Industry Luminaries Outline China's Semiconductor Growth Prospects – Part 2 (SEMI; May 5, 2015

Chinese Consortium $ 1.9 billion Acquisition of OmniVision (Bloomberg; May 1, 2015)

China’s Underdog Chipmakers Make IP Grab to Compete in SoC Market (IHS 360; Apr 29, 2015)

Credit Suisse Sector Head Outlines Semiconductor Competition from China (SEMI; Apr 27, 2015)

IDC: Industry Adoption of 3rd Platform Technologies Drive China’s ICT Markets in the “New Normal” (IDC; Apr 24, 2015)

Why China is Shopping for Silicon Valley Chip Companies (Electronics360; Apr 13, 2015)

China Cannot be Ruled as Currency Manipulator: U.S. Treasury (Europe China Daily; Apr 10, 2015)

2014: A Year in Review – Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Market and Outlook (Solid State Technology; April 10, 2015)

Enact 'Trade Promotion Authority' to Spur Growth and Job Creation (The Hill; Apr 10, 2015)

China's Homegrown Semiconductor Firms Poised to Gain from IoT Spending (Forbes; Apr 9, 2015)

China Eyes U.S. Semiconductor Firms (; Apr 8, 2015)

Industry Luminaries Outline China’s Semiconductor Growth Prospects, Part 1 (SEMI; Apr 7,2015)

Six Chinese Cities Vie for DRAM Fabs as Central Government Fully Backs Domestic Semiconductor Industry (TrendForce; Apr 7, 2015)

More Deals Ahead? China Fund Buys Silicon Valley Chip Maker (San Jose Mercury News; Apr 5, 2015)

IBM to Share Technology with China (SemiWiki; Mar 2015)

Semiconductor in China: 3rd time a Charm? (SemiWiki; Mar 2015)

China's Chip Race (Beijing Review; Mar 2015)

Qualcomm and China’s National Commission Reach Resolution (SST; Feb 2015)

China Clouds Chip Outlook (EE Times; Feb 2015)

Will New Policy in China Trigger Changes? (SST/SEMI; Feb 2015)

SMIC Receives Investment from China IC Industry Investment Fund (SMIC; Feb 2015)

UMC eyes China's Wafers (China Post; Jan 2015)


US chip giant Intel set for $1.6bn China investment (Int'l Bus Times; Dec 2014)

Semiconductors are new oil as China sets sight on dominance (MSN; Dec 2014)

Study: China's New Semiconductor Strategy Seeks to Exploit Tailwinds from Markets and Technology (HuffPost; Nov 2014)

China's Hunger for Chips (Finance Asia; Nov 2014)

A Decade of Unprecedented Growth -- China’s impact on the Semiconductor Industry (PDF) (PWC; Aug 2014)

China's Semiconductor Grab (Asia Today; Aug 2014)

Semiconductors in China: Brave new world or same old story? (McKinsey; Aug 2014)

Professor says Chinese semiconductor boom a result of government investment (Daily Texan; Apr 2014)

China to Blow $10 Billion year on Chips (EE Times; Mar 2014)