SEMI® Market Research Reports and Databases

SEMI Market Research Reports and Databases

Market research reports are a vital tool to help guide your corporation in making an important investment and strategic decisions. SEMI offers market data and research reports covering semiconductor and HB-LED capital equipment, semiconductor materials, semiconductor packaging materials, and semiconductor and HB-LED fabs.




SEMI China IC Industry Outlook 2017 Edition
This new report covers the full spectrum of China's IC industry within the global semiconductor industry. With over 90 pages and more than 60 charts, graphs, data tables, and industry maps from reliable and validated sources, the report details national and local government policies, public and private funding, and the semiconductor industry value chain in China. This report includes an overview of the latest domestic market developments, markets dynamics, and provides forward-looking analysis for design, manufacturing, equipment and materials suppliers. Supply-demand analysis, as well as competitive intelligence about key Chinese domestic suppliers and their international peers, are also presented in this report.
Member $6,000 / Non-member $8,000
Multi-user licenses are available

SEMI 200mm Fab Outlook to 2021 
A report covering the fab forecast from 2017 to 2021 as well as fab expansion opportunities, regional growth opportunities, and equipment spending.
Member $1,805 / Non-member $2,890 
Multi-user licenses are available

Equipment Market Data Subscription (EMDS)
Monthly global billings to seven market regions and bi-annual forecast for semiconductor equipment. Data is based on direct inputs from the major semiconductor equipment manufacturers.
Member $1,570 / Non-member $3,974
Multi-user licenses are available

SEMI Billings Report
A benchmark for the Industry: Tracks billings of North American-headquartered manufacturers of semiconductor equipment.
Member $250 / Non-member $525




FabView Ongoing Updates!
SEMI FabView is a new 24x7 online platform with content derived from the SEMI Fab database. It offers a summary as well as detailed information about fabs from a laptop or mobile device. It is essentially an online version of the Excel-based fab database that is updated with greater frequency with a user-friendly interface
Annual subscription: Member $3,310 / Non-member $4,360 
Multi-user licenses are available

World Fab Forecast Update in June
A quarterly fab-by-fab analysis of front-end semiconductor, HB-LED, and MEMS fabs. The database includes 3 years of quarterly data on installed capacity, geometry, wafer size and construction/equipment spending and a quarterly forecast through next year. This product features a quarterly forecast for all fabs through the next year.
Annual subscription: Member $4,455 / Non-member $5,900

World Fab Forecast Premium subscription, Member $6,435/ Non-member $8260
Multi-user licenses are available

World Fab Watch 
A quarterly fab-by-fab snapshot of front-end semiconductor, HB-LED, MEMS fabs.
Annual subscription: Member $2,000 / Non-member $3,005 
Multi-user licenses are available

Historical Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Market Statistics Report
Worldwide billings data dating back to 1991 and bookings from 1997-2016.
Member $1,750 / Non-member $2,310

Historical Book-to-Bill Report (1991-2016) and Billings Report (2017)
Book-to-Bill data for 1991-2016 from North American-headquartered equipment manufacturers and Billings data for 2017.
Member $775 / Non-member $1,260


Material Market Data Subscription (MMDS) Recently Updated!
Quarterly worldwide semiconductor materials market data and trends for key materials used in the manufacturing of semiconductors. The report contains 10 segments for wafer fabs and 7 segments for packaging related materials.
Member $2,165 / Non-member $5,515
Multi-user licenses are available

Silicon Reclaim Wafer Market Characterization Recently Updated!
Market Trends, Pricing, and Forecast for the Silicon Wafer Reclaim Market.
Member $615 / Non-member $1,045

Photomask Characterization Summary Recently Updated!
Market Trends/Forecast for the Semiconductor Photomask Market
Member $615 / Non-member $1,045



Opto/LED Fab Forecast
A quarterly fab-by-fab analysis of the High-Brightness LED and Optoelectronics front-end fabs. Includes quarterly forecast data for installed capacity, construction/equipment spending, and more.
Member $1,985 / Non-member $2,705
Multi-user licenses are available 

Opto/LED Fab Watch
A quarterly fab-by-fab overview of HB-LED and Optoelectronics fabs.
Member $1,025 / Non-member $1,360
Multi-user licenses are available


Worldwide OSAT Manufacturing Sites Database 
This brand new database offers access and insights into global OSAT facilities in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The report also highlights new and emerging package offerings by manufacturing location. Specific details tracked include plant site technology capability such as Tape and Reel, Test, and packaging assembly service offered: BGA, a specific leadframe type such as QFP, QFN, SO, flip chip bumping, WLP, Modules/SIP, etc
Member $3,500 / Non-member $4,500
Multi-user licenses are available

Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook, 2017 to 2021
This is a new comprehensive market research study that examines the technology trend, and quantify worldwide market forecast for substrates, die attached materials, and other packaging materials. It also highlights new opportunities for advanced technology nodes.
Member $5,000 / Non-member $6,000
Multi-user licenses are available

China Semiconductor Packaging Market Outlook 2018 Edition
This newly released study covers China industry environment on its packaging market and government’s policy on the industry.  There are over 145 plants listed with recent activities including latest advanced packaging development, packaging equipment suppliers, material suppliers and material market in China.
Member $1,650 / Non-member $2,530
Multi-user licenses are available



2017Flex Conference Proceedings
The PDF Conference Proceedings is available now for you to revisit the innovation in the flexible electronics eco-system from 2017FLEX organized by FlexTech, SEMI’s Strategic Association Partner.
Member $299 / Non-member $699



Mass Flow Controller Market Statistics (Report)
A monthly report that looks at trends of the mass flow controller (MFC) for the microelectronics industry. The data is based on direct inputs from the major MFC suppliers.
Member $525 / Non-member $995
Multi-user licenses are available