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SEMI Membership Benefits

Become A Member

Whether your focus is on semiconductors, flexible hybrid electronics, MEMS or display, or whether your company is a Fortune 500™ multinational corporation or a start-up, the benefits of SEMI® membership can help you grow your business.  SEMI connects members to opportunities and information that advance sales, speed collaboration, and enable electronics innovation. Through activities, communities, programs, and events, SEMI helps members achieve together what each cannot do alone:

• Access global markets, customers, and investors
• Shape policies and regulations with collective action
• Solve pre-competitive issues through global communities and working groups
• Gain early visibility to inflections in technology markets

Connect to buyers and key decision-makers:
SEMI creates opportunities and platforms for
members to connect to buyers, partners, investors,
policy-makers, and influencers and advance business
growth globally.

Influence through participation: SEMI members
have exclusive access to special interest groups,
committees, and communities that shape policies,
advance manufacturing standards, and drive
collaboration to advance business interests.

Access support worldwide: With offices and staff
in every major microelectronics manufacturing
region around the world, SEMI supports member
interests worldwide, providing assistance to
companies wherever they do business.

Member-only content: SEMI members have
complimentary access to online members-only
business and technical content, including webinars,
presentations, and white papers.

Visibility: SEMI member company profiles are
made available through the searchable SEMI
online directory.

Discounts: SEMI member companies and their
employees get discounts on exhibitor booth fees and
services, conference registration, sponsorship, advertising,
market data products, and industry standards.

Exhibition Priority Points: Only SEMI members
earn priority points for early access to exhibit space
selection at SEMI expositions.


Membership is open to all microelectronics companies including semiconductor, flexible hybrid electronics,display, MEMS, and related industries. Membership dues are based on combined annual sales revenues in these and other advanced technology supply chain areas. Start your online Membership Application. or contact your local SEMI office, email or call Global Sales and Services department at 1.408.943.6901


Membership Information

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Corporate Member


Suppliers of equipment, materials, sub-assemblies, components and industry specific support products and services to semiconductor, display, MEMS, LED, flexible hybrid electronics and related industries are included.

Associate Member


Companies that design, manufacture, sell or distribute semiconductor devices, displays and related microelectronics are in this category. This includes, but is not limited to, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), foundries, fabless, fablite, and IP design houses.

Allied Member


Organizations that are not-for-profit research, education, advocacy, or regulatory services, including libraries, consortia and academic institutions.

Affiliate Member


Includes companies that provide products and services to facilitate development of the ecosystem, but are not specific to, or a part of the manufacturing supply chain. Examples include publishers, freight forwarders and financial institutions.