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China IC Industry Outlook 2017 - Challenges, Opportunities and Forward Analysis New!

A comprehensive report covering IC industry ecosystem panorama in China

Publication Date: October 13th, 2017
Principal Analysts: Shanshan Du, Senior Market Analyst, Industry Research China
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This report covers the full spectrum of China's IC industry within the global semiconductor industry. With over 90 pages and more than 60 charts, graphs, data tables, and industry maps from reliable and validated sources, the report details national and local government policies, public and private funding, and the semiconductor industry value chain in China. This report includes an overview of the latest domestic market developments, markets dynamics, and provides forward-looking analysis for design, manufacturing, equipment and materials suppliers. Supply-demand analysis, as well as competitive intelligence about key Chinese domestic suppliers and their international peers, are also presented in this report.


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Product Information


  • China's IC Industry environment and outlook
  • Government policies and investment overview
  • Segmented market details, forward analysis, opportunities and challenges on IC supply chain in China. A few highlighted lists include:
    • China’s top semiconductor companies and manufacturing sites with device technologies, products, and capabilities
    • China’s semiconductor fabs
    • China’s domestic equipment manufacturers
    • China’s packaging, assembly, and test companies
    • China’s wafer fab and packaging materials market and suppliers
  • A comprehensive China IC Supply Chain Database
    • A detailed listing of over 150 fabs, 140 packaging & assembly plants, and 50 equipment and material suppliers in China.


  • Gain deep and real insights into the latest developments in China's IC Industry value chain
  • Understand the economic and political implications of the rise of China's IC Industry and its future implications
  • Access benchmark data to validate business opportunities and assumptions for the next few years
  • Improve business analysis and empower your market research with verified, validated, and credible information
  • Identify market opportunities in the China marketplace and minimize implementation risk

Table of Contents


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  • Research for this report was conducted over an eight-month period, beginning in January 2017 and ending in August 2017. Data presented for 2016 represents actual information for the calendar year. Data for 2017 is based on actual year-to-date data, rather than the full year; therefore, 2017 data should be considered an estimate.
  • In-depth personal, telephone, and email interviews were conducted with representatives from fabless design houses, semiconductor manufacturers, packaging & test plants, especially with equipment manufacturers and material vendors, as well as with government officials and professionals from industry associations in China. While the majority of the information contained in this report was derived from interviews, a thorough literature search was also conducted.  All information was analyzed and the findings are summarized in this report.
  • Responses were obtained from all of the key semiconductor equipment and material vendors based in China. Industry parks and associations also responded to the survey, which provided valuable information about investment trends and overview of China’s semiconductor industry for the next several years.  Estimates were made for non-reporting companies based on complete literature searches, historical information, and from discussions with industry professionals.

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Table of Contents: SEMI China IC Industry Outlook 2017

  1. Global Semiconductor Industry Overview and Outlook               
    • Global Semiconductor Industry
    • Electronics Supply Chain
    • 2017 Semiconductor Revenue Forecasts Raised
    • Global Semiconductor Forecast: Topping $400B in 2017
    • Industry Trends and Growth Drivers
    • Record Investments in Fab Construction and Equipment
    • Global Semiconductor Industry Summary


  1. The Rise of China’s IC Industry
    • The Rise of China’s IC Industry – Overview
    • China: Largest Share of Global IC Market with Continuous Growth
    • Dominated by Imports - Semiconductors are China’s No.1 Import, Resulting in Large Trade Deficit
    • Domestic IC Industry Grows Dramatically
    • “Gold Rush” in China IC Industry in Four Distinct Regions
    • With Limited Competitiveness, China IC Industry Faces Challenges and Opportunities
    • Rise of China’s IC Industry – Summary


  1. Government Policy and Investment
    • Government Policy and Investment
    • Revenue Target in 2014 Guideline
    • China National IC Industry Development Guideline
    • Two Key Points of 2014 National IC Guideline
    • China IC Funds Distribution Map
    • Distribution of National IC Fund Investments
    • Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Activities by China
    • Active Funds in China
    • Government Policy and Investment – Summary


  1. China IC Industry Ecosystem
  1. IC Design        
    • IC Design Sector is Booming with 20+% Growth rate      
    • China Fabless Companies Join Global Top 10
    • China Fabless Companies Emerge in 2016
    • Most Local Fabless Companies are Small
    • China Fabless Design - Still Lacking Core IP Offering
    • China IC Design Sector – Summary
    • China IC Design Sector – Challenges and Opportunities
    • China IC Design Sector – Forward Analysis 


  1. IC Fab Manufacturing
    • Semiconductor Wafer Fab Migration to Asia-Pacific
    • Global Fab Manufacturing Capacity Distribution
    • IC Manufacturing Boosted with Double-Digit Growth Rate
    • 2016 Top 10 IC Manufacturing Companies in China
    • New Fab Projects - China Leads the Way
    • Fab Capacity in China - Foundry, Memory and Discrete Fuel Growth
    • Surging China Fab Investments - Foundry and Memory Lead
    • Surging China Fab Investments - Domestic is Key, But Overseas Investment is Growing as Well          
    • Key Projects in China (300mm Only)
    • China 200mm Fab Capacity by Product Type from 2016 to 2021
    • Manufacturers of “Specialty” IC Devices in China
    • China Fab Map
    • China IC Manufacturing Market – Summary
    • China IC Manufacturing Market – Challenges and Opportunities
    • China IC Manufacturing Market – Forward Analysis


  1. IC Packaging and Testing
    • IC Packaging and Test Grows Steadily
    • China IC Packaging and Test Market - A Maturing Industry
    • 2016 Global Top 10 Packaging and Test Companies
    • 2016 Top 10 Packaging and Test Companies in China
    • Packaging and Test Plants Map in China
    • China IC Packaging and Test – Summary
    • China IC Packaging and Test – Challenges and Opportunities
    • China IC Packaging and Test – Forward Analysis


  1. Materials
    • SEMI Material Forecast By Market Region
    • 2016 China Material Market by Segment
    • China Wafer Fab Material Market to Grow Dramatically
    • Overview of Global Wafer Fab Material Suppliers
    • Domestic Silicon Suppliers in China
    • China 200mm Silicon Capacity Plans
    • Domestic Wafer Processing Material Suppliers in China
    • China Packaging Material Market, a Stable Market
    • Overview of Global Packaging Material Suppliers
    • A Sampling of Domestic Packaging Material Suppliers in China
    • China Semiconductor Material Market – Summary
    • China IC Material Market – Challenges and Opportunities
    • China IC Material Market – Forward Analysis


  1. Equipment      
    • SEMI Equipment Forecast Update By Market Region
    • China Equipment Forecast by Segment
    • China Domestic Equipment Suppliers Cannot Meet Market Demand
    • China Equipment Market - Wafer Processing Equipment Dominates
    • Wafer Processing Equipment Market Indicates Advanced Technology
    • Progress of Domestic Wafer Processing Equipment Suppliers
    • China Wafer Processing Equipment - 2016 Domestic Supplier Sales
    • Packaging & Test Equipment Markets Continue to Grow
    • Top 10 Domestic Packaging & Test Equipment Suppliers in China 
    • Top 10 Domestic Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers in China
    • China 3rd Party Equipment Companies
    • China IC Equipment Market – Summary
    • China IC Equipment Market – Challenges and Opportunities
    • China IC Equipment Market – Forward Analysis

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