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The Fab Owners Alliance

The Fab Owners Alliance, a SEMI Strategic Association Partner, is an international, group of semiconductor & MEMS fab owners and industry suppliers who meet regularly to discuss and act on common manufacturing issues, combining strengths and resources to maintain and increase their global competitiveness.

In 2018, FOA began the new year integrated into the SEMI family under the slightly revised name of Fab Owners Alliance.  The mission and activities of the group remain largely unchanged: To provide value to the fab management and operations community through collaborative platforms for device makers and solution providers. Read more here: SEMI and Fab Owners Association Strengthen Supply Chain

SEMI-FOA Participants Benefit Worldwide Collaboration

Topics for collaboration include:

  • Identify best practices in process flow – manufacturers get the most out of tools by sharing techniques for increasing throughput.
  • Benchmarks and statistical data – information useful for improving operations and maximizing production capability.
  • Legacy tool maintenance and spare parts management Strategies – maximize uptime by sharing optimal maintenance schedules and access to spare parts.
  • Personnel & staffing – optimize shift lengths, work rules for specific equipment, knowledge transfer and partake in workforce development discussion.
  • Hear and Share Supplier Experiences – gather experience when tool repair and service becomes necessary.
  • Access to a large number of suppliers – share and learn from the experience of others when looking for a specific capability or looking to educate a number of customers and partners in one convenient setting.
  • Share information – on Environmental Health & Safety, and other issues as tracked by SEMI Experts.

Worldwide Coverage

The SEMI-FOA network overcomes national boundaries. Our network of global offices will facilitate connecting worldwide fab managers and speed collaboration through meetings and benchmark access around the world.

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If you are already a SEMI member, but not yet a part of the Fab Owners Alliance, contact us for activation at foa@semi.org.  

If you are not a SEMI | FOA member reach out to your local SEMI Membership Contact or fill out the Membership Application.

Member Only Access

Connect to the FOA member community, view bulletin boards, join discussions, peruse the industry library, and modify your profile at connect.semi.org our online Membership Portal - Connected@SEMI

Separately, members may access presentations and market statistics for the whole semiconductor supply chain at the SEMI Members Only page. SEMI Membership is required to access this content.