Chemical and Gas Manufactures Group (CGMG)

Chemical and Gas Manufacturers Group

The Chemical and Gas Manufacturers Group (CGMG) is a Technology Community of SEMI made up of members who produce, package and/or distribute chemicals or gases used in micro-electronics applications. Other activities of the CGMG focus on:

  • Promoting awareness of the technical, regulatory and business issues the chemical and gas industry encounters in meeting the expectations of our customers
  •  Planning and sponsoring seminars, SEMI exhibits and other events relevant to the markets we serve
  •  Serving as a forum for discussing safety and environmental issues
  •  Being a voice to legislation and lobbying efforts on issues our industry faces

CGMG and Industry News 

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CGMG/Industry News Archive 


Featured Events

May 17, 2018
May 22-24, 2018 


Regional Chapters

As of now the CGMG SIG has three chapters located in America, Korea and Japan. Each chapters have working groups and subcommittees that are working on various activities that are important to that specific region. Please feel free to contact the SEMI Staff to learn more.

America Chapter - Tom Salmon: 

Korea Chapter - Hyun Cha: 

Japan Chapter - Naoko Tejima:




Interested in becoming a CGMG SIG Member?

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