Opto/LED Fab Watch - Overview of the Global LED/Optoelectronic Fabs

SEMI® Opto/LED Fab Watch 

Overview of Global High-Brightness Opto/LED Fabs

Publication Date: Published Quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, and Nov)
Principal Analysts: Christian Gregor Dieseldorff and Clark Tseng, SEMI
Format: Microsoft® Excel® file (.xls)


This database provides an overview of global High-Brightness Light Emitting Diode (HBLED) and Optoelectronics fabs for the prior quarter. These facilities manufacture devices that source, control, or detect light. The database summarizes information by facility including fab location, theoretical capacity, wafer size, and more.

As a reference, the database contains information on over 200 Opto/LED fabs worldwide with 116 LED fabs and 95 opto-related fabs. The regions with the most LED fabs are China, Japan, and Taiwan.

The Opto/LED Fab Watch database is an essential business tool for anyone interested in understanding the key players involved in this growing and expanding market segment.

Note: This database does not include LCD or Flat Panel Fabs

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Content (Tabs of Spreadsheet)Fields in Company Detail Tab: 
Equipment spending by RegionJoint Venture PartnersAddress, State, City, Zip, Country
Company DetailRegionMain Phone/Fax
DefinitionsWebsiteFab Name
 Fab TypeProbability
 StatusProject Type
 Close Year/dateStart Year
 ProductsProduct Type
 Current GeometryTechnology
 Theoretical Full CapacityCurrent wafer size
 Equipment Cost (M$)Total Cost (M$)
 Fab CommentsConstruction Cost (M$)
 Product Type (2)Origin
 Changes MadeDate Last Updated
 Change CommentsNew Record
 Fab History 


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The Opto/LED Fab Watch database is compiled from publicly available information, including capital spending plans and announced fab plans. SEMI verifies this information by making numerous inquiries and periodic calls as well as visits to these facilities.

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